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Your company network is the backbone of any organization, big or small. The only difference between small businesses and big corporations, however, is that the latter has the money and the resources to build their own powerful IT infrastructure to support their operations and hire expert IT staff to manage it.

Smaller businesses, like yours, just do not have the same kind of resources to throw into building a powerful company network. It will require large capital investment upfront because it will need expensive hardware to install. If any small business does that, they will be so far in the red even before they begin business and there won’t be much money to spend on anything else.

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Fortunately, they have other options. Instead of building their own high-level IT infrastructure, they can outsource their needs to a network service company.

Network Services Company – Why Outsource your IT Server and Network Needs

A trusted managed service provider or network services company will leverage cloud technology to deliver enterprise-level IT services over the Internet.

Network Services Company

By going to the cloud, your business can get the following benefits

Network Services Company – Benefit No. 1: Mobile Company Network

Servers and the network itself are hosted on cloud data centers. These are delivered to businesses via the Internet. Since anyone can access the Internet anywhere, it just follows that the business and its users are able to access the company network and servers anywhere they are as long as they have an internet-connected laptop, PC, or mobile device.

This brings a lot of possibilities to the business. It lets employees pursue opportunities for the company outside the office while staying connected to the company network. It also allows your organization to consider remote work since they do not need to be in the office to stay connected to the business. The possibilities are endless

Network Services Company – Benefit No. 2: A Network That Grows with Your Business

As your company grows, your IT needs will also grow. An on-premise system will have a difficult time expanding when the time that the company exceeds the bandwidth it can provide. It will require the business to shell out another round of capital investment to accommodate the expansion of the network.

There is also the issue of expanding in another location. On-premise systems can only cover a certain area. If you open a new location, you will have to install an entirely separate network and servers in there, which also means more capital investment.

The cloud, however, does not have that problem. Expanding the cloud server capacity is just a matter of expanding your subscription plan for more bandwidth. In the event that you need to open another location, it can use the same company network and servers that your business is currently using because they are hosted in the cloud and is delivered via the Internet.

Network Services Company – Benefit No. 3: Flexible Monthly Payments

Aside from not having to spend large capital investments to build an enterprise-level IT infrastructure. Your network services company also provides you flexibility in terms of your IT expenses. With monthly payments that include the monitoring and management of your system, your business is only paying for the IT services as long as you need it.

Like any subscription model. You only subscribe to the service as long as your business is using it. Once you feel that you have a better option, you can simply stop your subscription and move on.

If you have built your own IT infrastructure, you will not have that option. After all, you already invested so much money to your own network. You are stuck with it. In fact, if your business fails, you are still stuck with the expensive hardware that you bought even if you are no longer using them.

Network Services Company – Benefit No. 4: More Savings

And the savings do not even end there. There are indirect ways that outsourcing your IT needs to network service company leads to more savings for your business.

First, there is real estate. An on-premise system will require its own room because the servers need to be in an isolated and well-ventilated room. And these servers are big and bulky so the room has to be big as well. By going to the cloud, however, you no longer have to dedicate a big room for your servers because they are hosted remotely. In addition, you are also able to hire remote employees that do not have to be in the office. With no bulky servers and fewer people in the office, you can afford to get a smaller office, which will get your rent down significantly.

Second is utilities. Since you have a smaller space and fewer users in the office, there will also be reduced consumption of power. That will also get your utility bills down.

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