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Network Solutions for Small Business

What Network Solution is Best for Small Businesses

A reliable IT infrastructure is essential to any company. Downtimes can affect different facets of business operations including production, revenue, and customer service. Unfortunately, building a powerful and reliable IT infrastructure requires large capital investments, something that small and medium-sized businesses do not have the resources for.
What SMBs need is a scalable network solution that can meet the demands of the organization without breaking their budgets.
This is where managed service providers can step in and save the day. Managed service providers or MSPs are third-party providers that assume management and maintenance, in this case, IT servers and networks, in exchange for regular payment

Network Solutions

Why Go to an MSP for Your Server and Networking Solutions?

Even if you can build your own IT infrastructure, there are benefits to going to a third-party MSP for your network needs.
Since the service is accessible via the Internet, business owners and workers can access the IT network from anywhere. This gives your business a level of flexibility and mobility that you cannot get from legacy on-premise IT networks.
This also provides organizations the capability to unite multiple business locations and distributed workforce under one network solution.

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In the event that the business needs more servers and network capabilities to accommodate its growing workforce, it is easy to upgrade through your MSP as well.
In addition, the responsibility of maintaining and managing the servers and the network will no longer fall to your IT staff. They can instead use their time on strategic business issues.

What You Should Look for in Network Solutions from MSPs?

If you are entrusting your server and network needs to a third-party provider, you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.
When choosing an MSP for your network solution, you need to look for:

Network Solutions for Different Stages

Not all businesses have the same network needs. Some are farther along than others, and some are starting from scratch.
A good MSP should be able to help businesses regardless of what stage they are on their network setup.

Some of the common stages include:

  • Planning and designing of network architecture
  • Network Installation
  • Installation of cables, switches, and routers
  • Remote hosting or virtualization of servers
  • Disaster readiness
  • Security and backup measures
  • Ongoing maintenance

Network Solution Customer Service with 24/7 Monitoring

Critical server and network issues can happen anytime and should be addressed instantly or they can lead to prolonged downtimes and disruption of business operations. Your MSP should have qualified IT specialists monitoring your network 24/7.
In the event that an issue arises, your MSP should be able to troubleshoot the issues effectively either remotely or, if needed, on site.

Network Solution with Data Security

A good MSP does not only solve data security issues, but also stays ahead of them. Aside from real-time monitoring, your chosen provider should implement several security measures that will protect your data while they are resting on the servers or when they are being transmitted within the network.
In addition, your network solution should be able to minimize damage in case of data breach or cyber-attack through quick detection, diagnosis, and resolution.

Maintenance and Management of Network Solution

You entrusted your server and network needs to an MSP so that you won’t have to worry about its maintenance. If MSPs are doing their part, you won’t even have to think about the maintenance part of the network.
What you want is that, aside from 24/7 monitoring, your provider should be responsible for any upgrades and updates that your servers and network solution need. From procuring additional servers to remote installation and testing of patches and firmware, your MSP should have all these covered.

Network Solution That Provides Savings

While there are indeed advantages to choosing an MSP over creating your own IT infrastructures such as flexibility, mobility, and scalability, the main reason you chose to entrust your network needs to an MSP is to save money.
And we are not just talking about not shelling out large capital investments but actual savings on the long term that makes MSP a more permanent network solution for your business.
Look at the numbers and see if by subscribing to an MSP, you are able to cut down on IT spending compared to the cost of running your own IT infrastructure.

thinkIT Solutions

If you are looking for an MSP that provides your business a flexible, mobile, and scalable server and network solution that also gives you long term saving, check out thinkIT Solutions.
thinkIT Solutions has been at the forefront of providing businesses enterprise-level managed IT services since 2001.
They are a full-service IT that is dedicated to providing reliable, secure, and affordable IT services to businesses of all sizes.
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