Network User Management

You can safeguard your IT infrastructure all you want from different security threats like cyber-attacks and data breaches, however, the biggest threat that will be your biggest challenge is the employees that use the network.

Computers, while complex, can be understood with enough study. Humans, on the other hand, are hard to predict. In fact, employee negligence is one of the most common causes of data loss in businesses.

Network User Management

That is why businesses need a network user management solution to restrict access of employees based on what they need to perform their job.

More Than Just Access Limitations

While the main use of network user management is to restrict access of employees to resources that they do not need, it is more than that.

It is about managing multiple user access in a way that is organized, efficient, and effective. Your IT staff cannot and should not be expected to handle these manually.

A trusted managed service provider can provide your business with an integrated network user management solution that will allow you and your IT staff to provision, modify, and remove user identities and control user access to company IT resources.

It will centralize the management of user access from different platforms including active directory, exchange servers, and different cloud applications.

This should simplify network user management by providing users the right access to the resources they need quickly while establishing effective limitations to safeguard the whole IT infrastructure.

What to Expect from Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

Network User Management Solution that provides

With a trusted managed service provider, you can get a network user management solution that provides:/

User Identity Provisioning

With an integrated network user management solution, you and your IT staff can create multiple user accounts in the active directory at the same time. In addition, you can also provision these user identities for accounts in other platforms like GSuite, Office 365, and Exchange Server.

User Identity Modification

Apart from creating new user identities with the proper access, the solution will also let you modify user access based on different factors like role change, promotions, and others. You can also do this in bulk instead of doing it one user at a time.

User Identity Deletion

You can also easily delete user access for different reasons like resignation, termination, or lost credentials. Moreover, if you have user identities that have been neglected and are no longer in use, you can also opt for a mass retirement of these unused user identities.

User Access History and Audit

Get the ability to audit and get the history of user access for each identity. This allows for more transparency on how IT resources are used. This will also give you insight on how you can improve the process of granting rights and permissions for certain resources.

Admin Permissions for Non-Admin Staff

There will be times when you need to have non-admin employees perform tasks that require admin privileges and permissions. A good network user management solution will allow you to provide specific people or groups the appropriate authentication and authorization so that they can do their task.

Single Sign-On

One of the most common causes of headaches for most IT staff has are employees who use default or easy-to-remember passwords for apps that are critical to the business – they even use the same password across multiple apps. It makes it easier to break for malicious parties, which makes it harder for the IT staff to protect.

But who could blame the employees when there are so many apps that require passwords and other authentication credentials that it becomes difficult to keep track of. They are suffering from login fatigue and their solution is just to make it simple as much as possible.

A good solution is a single-sign-on solution where employees only need to log in to a single application that authenticates his identity for multiple applications. This way, employees only need to login to one single sign-on application without having to compromise the network security.

Automatic Password Renewal Prompts

Another password-related problem that IT staff face is that employees refuse to regularly change their password. A good network user management solution includes a feature that automatically prompts users to change their passwords after a certain period of time. Non-compliance can lead to lost access to device and accounts. This will encourage your workforce to regularly change their passwords.

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