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Office 365 Help – Taking Microsoft Office to the Cloud

Microsoft, the biggest information technology brand in the world, recognizes where business technology is heading into the future, and that is the cloud.

They recognize the fact that the modern business is no longer limited by the four walls of their physical office, they seek out opportunities outside and they encourage their employees to do the same.

This goes to show that the rigid workplace is a thing of the past, and the flexible and mobile workplace is the present and future.

That is why Office 365 helps businesses transition from traditional locally-installed Microsoft Office to cloud-based Microsoft Office Applications.

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Office 365 Help – The Disadvantages of Traditional Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is still the gold standard of productivity suites in the industry, no matter how Google for Work claims otherwise.

However, the traditional way of installing the apps directly into end-client computers and hosting it locally per computer has exposed some limitations now that employees are encouraged to work from anywhere.

Office 365 Help

The main limitation is mobility. If the person is not using a laptop, he is unlikely to be able to access Microsoft Office outside the office unless he installs it in a personal computer. Even then, he will not have real-time access to the files stored in his office computer.

The second limitation is the installation itself. Imagine having a hundred new computers and the IT staff has to install Microsoft Office to each one of them. It is not a difficult task, but a time consuming one.

Office 365 Help – Bringing Microsoft Office to the Modern Era of Mobile Work

Fortunately, those problems are addressed when you shift to Microsoft Office 365. This way, your favorite apps like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint can now be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

In addition, there is no need for CD or DVD installers, Office 365 apps can be installed straight into your computer, laptop, or smartphone and tablet.

Office 365 Help – What You Are Getting from Microsoft Office 365

Obviously, your business and its users will have access to Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. You will also be able to use MS Access and MS Publisher, but only through a PC or laptop, and not through a mobile device.

Aside from those and depending on your plan, you can also get the following benefits:

Microsoft Exchange

This is Microsoft’s business-class email server, together with Microsoft Outlook as the email client, you will get a central hub for email, calendar, contacts manager, and even task management.

Microsoft Teams

This is Microsoft’s own version of a team collaboration app that is comparable to Glip and Slack. It combines team messaging with other collaboration features like instant file sharing and video meetings.
This encourages employees to communicate and collaborate with each other in real-time instead of going back and forth through email.

Microsoft OneDrive

This is the cloud storage component of Office 365 that is comparable to other leading cloud storage apps like Dropbox and Box. It allows users to store files to the cloud so that they can access and share it to colleagues from anywhere. In addition, it also encourages more collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on a document at the same time.

thinkIT Solutions – Office 365 Help and Assistance

thinkIT Solutions specializes in providing high-level IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. This includes helping businesses shift to Office 365 from different platforms to improve their productivity.

With thinkIT Solutions, you will get:

Flexible Office 365 Licensing Options

We can work with your business whether you already have Office 365 license or not. But in case your business is not yet an Office 365 user, thinkIT Solution has flexible Office 365 plans that let you pay for licensing in monthly increments and on a pay-as-you-use basis. This means that you only pay for Office 365 while you are subscribed to our service. No need to be stuck with a long-term license that you might not use in the future

Expert Office 365 Help in Migration and Deployment

thinkIT Solutions can give you an objective evaluation of your current IT setup to see your readiness to adopt Office 365. From there, we can give you a detailed timeline of when and how the migration will happen so that it will cause minimal to zero downtime for your organization.

Continuous Office 365 Help and Support

In addition, you will get continuous support for any issues you may encounter while using Microsoft Office 365 for your business. thinkIT Solutions will serve as your own helpdesk to help you resolve technical issues as fast as possible.

If you are interested in increasing productivity by migrating to Office 365, you can call (504) 608-1132 for inquiries and assistance.

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