Office 365 Management

Improve collaboration and simplify sharing within your organization by rolling out Office 365. This revolutionary platform unites Microsoft’s most popular and most powerful business productivity and collaboration tools in one umbrella.

This will allow your management and your workforce to have a seamless way of transporting data from up to bottom and vice versa.

By going to the Office 365 management route, it will encourage more collaboration while improving productivity in the workplace.

What Microsoft Productivity and Collaboration Tools Are You Getting?

Office 365 is a transformative platform that brings together some of the most business-ready productivity tools under the Microsoft banner.

Office 365 Management

This includes:

Microsoft Exchange

More than just a mail server that provides hosted enterprise-level email services, it also serves as a business calendar software that synchronizes schedules for all your workforce. It also features regular anti-spam and anti-malware updates to protect your company network and data.

Microsoft SharePoint

This is a file sharing platform for your workforce, which also has the option to include external users. This allows for easier file and document sharing, which makes it easier to collaborate. Your users can even synchronize documents and files to their devices so that they can access the files later on even if they are offline.

Microsoft Teams

This is Microsoft’s answer to Slack and Glip. This team messaging app allows your workforce to create groups or communities within the organization that can easily communicate and collaborate together to achieve goals. In addition to chat, it allows for real-time file sharing and instant video conferencing as well.

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Microsoft Office

The most popular business productivity tools in the last 3 decades are still the choice of most businesses. With the rise of Google for Work apps or G-Suite, Microsoft moved to make their own Microsoft Office apps more accessible to businesses and their workforce.

That is the main purpose of Office 365. To allows businesses to access Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from anywhere and on any device, without the need to install it by CD/DVD per computer.

Depending on what kind of license or plan you get, there may be more apps and software included that can help in different aspects of your business operations.

How to Migrate to Office 365?

Yes, Office 365 has all these software and applications under one platform, which should make life easier for your business. However, implementing and adapting it to your operations can pose some challenges. Aside from deployment, you will have to customize it based on your workflows and integrate it on your current business processes.

A trusted managed service provider can assist and support you in every stage of your Office 365 journey.

Office 365 Readiness Evaluation

When you decide that you want to make the shift to the cloud and to Office 365, a trusted managed service provider should be able to review your current IT infrastructure and its readiness to move to the cloud and adopt Office 365 to your workforce. They can also identify opportunities for customization like workflows, templates, and other custom add-ons that will maximize Office 365 for your business. From there, they can recommend the type of Office 365 plan that will meet your business needs.

Office 365 Implementation and Migration

Once you have identified the subscription plan and the subsequent business needs to be addressed, your provider should be able to help you with the migration from an on-premise system to the cloud, in a full or co-shared setup. After which, will also be the deployment of Office 365 without compromising existing business data.

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 also plays nice with other productivity apps. Your trusted provider should be able to help you integrate Office 365 custom with existing solutions and tools that are critical to business operations.

Office 365 Support

Your trusted managed service provider should also be able to provide your business support from deployment to usage. This should provide you with expert IT support without having to hire additional staff or augment your current IT staff so that they can focus on other income-generating tasks for your business.

thinkIT Solution – Office 365 Management

thinkIT Solutions understands that each business has its own needs and we can customize our IT solutions, including Office 365 management, based on those needs.

This way you can maximize your subscription and streamline how you use our IT services and solutions.

If you are interested in increasing productivity by migrating to Office 365, you can call (504) 608-1132 for inquiries and assistance.

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