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A lot of businesses are shifting to cloud-based Office 365. Instead of installing Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in every computer, users can instead access the productivity suite from anywhere, using their Internet-connected computers or mobile devices.
However, doing the shift on your own can be daunting. After all, you are changing the way your employees work by moving them to the cloud. The change is for the better, but it is still a change that will need some adjusting.
Fortunately, you can get expert Office 365 support from your trusted managed IT service provider.

Office 365 support

What is Office 365 and What Advantages will it Give Your Business?

In addition to access to cloud-based MS Office Suite and depending on the plan that you plan to implement for your business, Office 365 can provide several benefits to your business including the following:

  • Office 365 provides business with Exchange, Microsoft’s business-class email service that also serves as a hub for task management, calendar, and contacts manager.
  • Your business can also get access to advanced team collaboration and messaging tools in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. This will provide your business with a central hub for chats, sharing files, and even organizing meetings.
  • Another collaboration tool that your employees can use is Yammer. It is a corporate social network that helps your workforce collaborate across departments and even locations.
  • One Office 365 users are also allotted one Terabyte of online storage in OneDrive, which can be accessed across devices as long as the user is connected to the Internet.
  • Your business can also implement its own personalized search and discovery across the Office 365 platform through Delve.

These are just some of the advantages your business can enjoy when they implement Office 365 in your operations.

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How can my Business Make the Shift to Office 365?

Implementing Office 365 on your own can be daunting. There are a lot of elements to consider so that you can determine your business’ readiness to migrate to Office 365.
Doing this without much planning can lead to issues that can disrupt your operations, which you do not want.
Fortunately, you do not have to do it yourself. With a trusted managed IT service provider, you can get the Office 365 support you need to make the jump.

What Kind of Office Support or Assistance Should You Expect?

No. 1: Pay-as-you-go Subscription Instead of expensive licenses

No need to shell out money for a service that you are not sure if you are going to use long term. Instead of paying expensive licenses to use Office 365, only pay for the service as long as you are using it. This managed IT service provider offers budget-friendly plans that organizations can subscribe to. This allows your business to make the shift to Office 365 with no expectations or pressure. If you are happy with the service, it is just a matter of continuing the service as long as you need it. If you are not happy, you can simply cancel the subscription and look for another service.

No. 2: Streamlined migration and deployment

This managed IT service provider have helped other businesses migrate to Office 365 from different platforms including on-premise Exchange Servers and Google for Work. They can assess your readiness to move your network to the cloud and ensure that your organization is ready to shift to Office 365.
Once deemed ready, they can plan and execute your cloud migration so that it will cause minimal to zero downtime and make the transition as seamless as possible.

No. 3: Automated updates

Microsoft regularly updates its Office 365 apps with the latest features and security patches. This is something your business’ IT staff no longer have to worry about. All patches and updates are rolled out to all subscribers and users automatically. No need to have individual installations per device.

No. 4: Security of Service

Microsoft has some of the best security measures implemented to ensure that important and sensitive data is protected. This is on top of the security measures implemented by your trusted managed IT service provider. With all these built-in security features, you can have peace of mind that your data is safe when you make the shift to Office 365

Expert Office 365 Support from thinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solutions is a full-service IT service provider that offers expert Office 365 support to businesses of all sizes. From migration to implementation and management, you can rely on thinkIT Solutions professional IT specialists to have your business continuity as their primary priority.
If you are interested in increasing productivity by migrating to Office 365, you can call (504) 608-1132 for inquiries and assistance.

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