Open Source Network Backup

Modern business lives and dies on data. After all, every move it makes creates data. From the production of your product to the moment it hits shelves and gets sold, it produces data. All your interactions, whether it is with customers or your workforce, creates data.

While not all data are created equal, a lot of it is important enough that if it gets lost, it can have detrimental effects on your business.

That is why you must get an open-source network backup solution to protect all the critical data of your organization.

What is Data Backup and Recovery

Losing critical data is the same as losing money. An hour of downtime can cost small businesses up to $1 million. With such potential money loss, it is no wonder why most companies are investing in more ways to secure and backup company data.

Open Source Network Backup

Data backup generally refers to the process of copying data to protect organizations from data loss. The best practice is that the backup data is stored in a separate storage from the storage of the origin data.

If a calamity strikes the location of the origin storage, the backup data is well protected. That is why a lot of businesses opt for cloud backup solutions. Aside from being a non-expensive option, backup data are stored in a secure and separate data center. They are often open-source as well.

An open-source network backup solution is exactly what the term indicates. It is a backup software that you can customize and configure based on your business needs.

It is in contrast with the old proprietary backup solutions of old that would only function with compatible software and hardware.

Data recovery, on the other hand, is the process of retrieving the backup copies so that it can be restored to the location of the lost data.

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Why Your Business Needs an Open Source Network Backup Solutions

Here are the main benefits of a modern network backup solution to your business:

  • Data loss can happen anytime due to different reasons. There are malicious attacks, negligent employees who accidentally delete data, or simple hardware or software failure. Whatever the reasons are, an open-source backup solution can create backup copies of your important data that can quickly be recovered and restored for minimal downtime.
  • An open-source network backup service can also make it easier to restore the recovered date from an earlier point in time. It will help your company recover from sudden data loss more quickly.
  • Having the ability to back up and retain multiple copies of different data sets at regular intervals gives your organization more flexibility with the ability to recover and restore data at any given moment without the worry of malicious attacks.
  • Open-source network backup solutions also work with most, if not all, hardware and software that are used by most businesses in their daily operations. No strict requirements that require specific platforms or operating systems to be effective.
  • As said above, they can be customized and configured based on the backup needs of the organization. It can also be redistributed with no problem as long as the company adheres to the terms and conditions of the provider.
  • While the backup solutions are open source, providers usually apply multiple layers of security measures to keep it safe from malicious attacks.
  • Another advantage of an open-source backup service is that it is easier to use than traditional backup software. It usually comes with an intuitive interface or dashboard. It also comes with easy-to-use features that help organizations automate and configure the service based on their daily operations and schedule. It is so that it has minimal effect on the business, i.e., taking internet bandwidth when there are many users at the office.
  • Also, because it is open source, there are a lot of users out there. It means that there is an entire community out there that you can ask for assistance, guide, and best practice recommendations. It should help you fix the issues you encounter much faster.

Open Source Network Backup Services from thinkIT Solutions

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, but highly secure and reliable open-source network backup services, thinkIT Solutions has you covered.

We provide automated and cloud-hosted backup and recovery solutions that can be configured based on the needs of your business.

For more information, you can contact thinkIT Solutions at (504) 608-1132!

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