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The cloud has changed everything in information technology. What was an advantage of enterprises over smaller businesses became a significant disadvantage in terms of IT services. Yes, their expensive on-premise IT infrastructure has been exposed to be pretty limited compared to cloud-hosted IT solutions.

What started as an alternative for expensive IT services that can only be bought by big enterprises, the cloud has turned into the IT solution of choice in the modern, internet-centric workplace.

As a result, big corporations are also scrambling to move to the cloud themselves.

Why the Cloud is Better Than On-Premise Systems

The cloud started as something that small and medium-sized businesses chose because it is not as expensive as building your own IT infrastructure.

What happened is that smaller businesses started enjoying some benefits that are not available in expensive on-premise systems.

These benefits include:

No Capital Investment Required

The main reason why smaller businesses gravitated to the cloud is because on-premise systems require significant capital investments. It’s because building the IT infrastructure will need expensive hardware and complex installations. Before the company can even use the new company network and systems, they are already far in the red. For smaller businesses, they just do not have the money to throw like that.

Services for Enterprise

Cloud-hosted solutions, on the other hand, are services offered by third-party providers for a subscription fee (usually a monthly payment plan). It allows businesses to treat IT services as an ongoing expense, which gives them more flexibility in budgeting. Plus, by having it on a subscription basis, the company is essentially only paying for what it is using. Once the company decides to move on, they can stop or cancel their subscription.

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Mobile and Flexible IT Solutions

The main limitation of traditional on-premise systems is that it can only serve users who are within its covered premises. Once you step out of the office, users are no longer connected to the company network with no access to official business apps and company resources.

Businesses who are in the cloud have users that are always connected to the company. Cloud-hosted IT solutions are delivered via the internet. It means that as long as a user has internet access (with the proper credentials and permissions), they will be able to access the company’s network.

Easily Scalable IT Services

Another disadvantage of traditional on-premise systems is that the infrastructure does not grow as your business grows. What you set up at the beginning will be what it is in the near future. If you need new users, it will probably need additional cabling to set up. If you used up the server space, you have to buy a new server and install it to the current infrastructure. Need to open a new office in a different location?  You have to build a separate IT infrastructure that will require more capital investment.

You will not have the same problems in the cloud because it adjusts easily to the needs of the business. Need to add users, simply log into your account on the web app or page provided by your provider. With a few clicks, you can add a new user with the appropriate roles and permissions. If you need extra server space, you can ask your provider to expand on the current server space provisioned for your business. If you need to open a new office, you can use the same account from your third-party provider on the new location as well.

Removes the Need for A Big IT Staff

A cost about on-premise systems that nobody ever talks about is that it needs specialized manpower to maintain it. Either your company has to hire a staff dedicated to maintaining and managing the IT infrastructure, or you have a third-party provider come in periodically to check on it. Either way, it is an additional cost to an already expensive company network.

In the cloud, your company is simply subscribing to the service. The responsibility of maintaining the actual infrastructure does not fall on your shoulders but to the actual cloud provider. As a result, you do not need to hire a large IT staff; you need a big enough team that can support your daily operations.

ThinkITSolutions: IT Services For Enterprise

Whether you are a small business or a big corporation, moving to the cloud will significantly improve your mobility and scalability while lowering your overall IT costs.

From the evaluation of your current network to cloud migration and network management, thinkIT Solutions has the expertise to assist you in every step.

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