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Switch Configuration New Orleans

Your company network is the one responsible for connecting all users to each other, to the business software applications needed for work, share files, and even to important hardware like printers and scanners.

What makes all these possible within your company network are the right routers and switches.

With an optimal router and switch configuration for businesses in New Orleans and across the US, any organization can maximize the capacity of their company network.

To define, A router is used to connect multiple networks together. A good example of router use is how businesses connect multiple end clients, including PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, to a single network, which is then connected to the Internet. As a result, all end clients are able to connect to the Internet through the network.

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Switches, on the other hand, are utilized to connect numerous devices on the same network. A great illustration of a switch used in a network is once you interface your PC or laptop, printer, and scanner to make an arrangement of shared resources.

The switch is the one that controls data allocation, which allows for file and data sharing within a network.

There are two types of switches, unmanaged and managed. Unmanaged switches are usually found at home setups where it is more plug-and-play, with zero configuration needed to use.

Switch Configuration New Orleans

Organizations tend to use managed switches because it allows for more configuration and customization to give you more control over how traffic travels through your network.

Benefits of Professional Router and Switch Configuration

Your network is an investment and the best way to maximize it and get a good return is by optimizing and customizing it based on the needs of your company.

Your trusted MSP can automate that process for you, which can, in turn, give your business the following benefits

Benefit No. 1: Save Time and Effort

Instead of configuring individual routers and switches by yourselves with your IT staff, you can have it professionally done by IT experts whose specialty is setting up networks and configuring it based on your business needs. They can automate the whole process through their network configuration manager. This allows for wide-scale configuration and customization of the router and switches settings without the need for separate configuration of each one. This saves you and your IT staff all the trouble of doing it yourselves manually.

Benefit No. 2: Reduce Errors and Minimize Risk

The problem with manual configuration is that it has too much human element on it. As you well know, anything done manually can have inconsistent results and is more prone to errors and mistakes. In the IT world, you try to automate as much as you can and that includes router and switch configuration.

Through your trusted managed service provider, they will automate the configuration of your network, especially of routers and switches. In addition, they can set up roles and permissions to restrict access of users. This is so that only a few people with expert knowledge can make changes to the network and that these changes have to be approved before it is deployed.

Last, the provider’s system should be able to give notification when any configuration is changed, who changed it, and when it was made. This allows for a transparent and accountable environment.

Benefit No. 3: Technical Support

Even if the network is perfectly set up, there will be a time that something will go wrong.  It could be for some reasons. Aside from having multiple users connected on a network, modern times do not help as well.

More and more companies are allowing BYOD or bring your own device. These devices are personal devices of users that are used both for work and for other purposes. This also means that these devices connect to unsafe networks when outside the office. They can bring viruses, malware, and ransomware to your network.

Last, it can be just the devices giving out. No matter how good a router or switch is, it will deteriorate over time and fail.

Your trusted managed service provider should be able to provide your business remote technical support for these problems, and on-premise support for network problems that can’t be solved remotely.

thinkIT Solutions for Your Router and Switch Configuration Needs

thinkIT Solutions is a New Orleans-based IT services provider who can help you on all stages of your network needs.

From design and installation to maintenance, management and troubleshooting, thinkIT Solutions has you covered.

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