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System Migration in New Orleans

There will come a time when your system no longer works for your business. It could be caused by a lot of things. It could be that the system is too old and is headed to being obsolete. It could be so old that support for it is no longer available.

Another common reason why systems no longer work is that your current hardware is already deteriorating because it is old and needs to be replaced. No matter how good the system is, if it is housed on old servers that barely work, then it won’t do your business any good.

Or maybe, while the system is still working, you may find that there are new systems in the market that will make your business processes faster, more efficient, or more productive.

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Whatever the reason is, if this happens, you need to perform a system migration whether in New Orleans or any part of the US.

Risks of System Migration

Doing system migration on your own can lead to a slew of problems. It comes with a lot of risks involved including:

System Migration in New Orleans

Depreciated and Obsolete Data and Information Values

Think about it, as the years go by the business and information values you used in the past has already evolved to new values. As a result, there are a lot of old data values in your system that is no longer valid. If you don’t cleanse these unused data values, what will your new system do if they encounter it? It could lead to some errors and some serious headaches.

Patchwork Security

Most systems address security issues as they are detected and identified. As a result, the fixes applied will look like a patchwork of different security measures meant to address different threats and issues. If you overlook these during system migration, the security issues they were addressing can pop up again in your new system.

Uneven rollouts

System migrations are not done overnight, at least that is not the sensible way of doing it. You do it in batches so that if a problem occurs, it will not affect everyone. However, there is the issue of having some users in the new system while some are in the old ones. How will this affect business operations?

Application and Software dependencies

It is possible that your business has already lost track of all the applications integrated into the old system. In addition, you may also have lost track of all the data created and maintained by the system. If these are critical to your processes and is broken or unsupported by the new system, it could lead to a big mess for your business.

Expert and Careful System Migration Services

Instead of tackling system migration by yourselves, you should get assistance from an expert migration service provider.

Your provider should be able to give you:

Expert System Migration Knowledge

Whether it is migration to the cloud, to a new on-premise system, or a combination of both, they should carefully evaluate and assess your current IT infrastructure, your business computing needs, and actual usage before giving any recommendations on which migration strategy will work best for your organization. They should be able to research how your new system will be set up, configured, and what software and hardware requirements will be needed to implement it.

Flexible System Migration Schedule

Your provider should be able to coordinate with your business about the best time to implement the migration. They should work around the development and operational priorities of your business and not the other way around. You want a provider who wants your business to experience the least downtime as possible.

Testing and Verification

There should be thorough testing of the new system to verify that it is working as promised before cut-over. This is so that when the reins to the system are given to your business, your users can hit the ground running.

System Migration Documentation

They should also provide a detailed Methods of Procedure (MOP) that includes cut-over plans specific to every migration event. Copies of these documents should be given to all staff involved in supporting, maintaining, and managing the system moving forward.

System Training

Lastly, it is important that your provider makes sure that you and your users know how to best use your new system through detailed training sessions for you and your users.

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