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Web Network Solutions for Your Small Business

A reliable network is important to any company whether it’s a small business or a big enterprise. The main difference between the two types of companies, however, is that a big enterprise has the money, the staff, and the resources to build its own powerful IT infrastructure to support their operations.

Smaller businesses, on the other hand, do not have the large capital to spare for an IT infrastructure that will require expensive equipment and hardware. Going that route will put the business so far in the red that they may not be able to recover.

What they need is a scalable web network solution that will not require large capital investment but still able to support the computing needs of the business.

Web Network Solutions

Fortunately, they can go to a trusted managed service provider (MSP) to step in and provide them with the IT services they need.

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Why Should Your Business Subscribe to a Managed Service Provider?

There is a lot of benefits to subscribing to a web network solution through a trusted managed service provider or MSP. There are several advantages to this option over what a business can have by building its own network.

That is because your trusted MSP is leveraging cloud technology to provide its business subscribers with enterprise-level network and server solutions.

Cloud technology allows third-party companies like your MSP to deliver IT services to their customers via the internet. Because it is delivered via the internet, these web network solutions:

Don’t Require Expensive Hardware – Most on-premise systems require businesses to purchase their own hardware and equipment. With MSPs, that are able to lease their servers and IT infrastructure to businesses through a minimal fee.

Provide Flexible and Mobile Network – Since the service is delivered via the Internet, businesses and their employees are able to access it from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This provides companies different opportunities in various areas of their business like having mobile and remote employees who do not need to be in the office to be effective.

Scalable IT Solution – Another benefit of having a cloud-based web network solution is that it is pretty easy to scale based on the needs of your business. Adding server capacity is just a matter of expanding your subscription plan. Moreover, organizations do not need a separate network system for different business locations. One account covers the whole company including multiple locations and distributed workforce.

Provide Savings – Aside from no longer having to spend a significant amount of capital to build their own IT infrastructure, having a network hosted in the cloud leads to more savings. This includes smaller rent because businesses no longer have to lease a big office because they don’t have bulky servers that take up their own room and they can afford to have remote employees who no longer have to be in the office to take up desk space. In addition, all these will also lead to smaller utility bills as well.

What are the Best MSP Services for Small Business Network?

Your MSP should be able to help your business in different stages of your network and computing needs, which includes:

  1. Network Needs Assessment
  2. Network Monitoring
  3. Network and Data Security

Network Needs Assessment

Your MSP should be able to objectively assess your needs and your readiness to move to the cloud. They should also advise you if you need to fully shift your network to the cloud or if you can have a hybrid setup where you have an on-premise network that is connected to the cloud infrastructure.

After that, your MSP should be able to plan and design your network and help you with the implementation including installation, remote hosting or virtualization of servers, and setting up disaster readiness.

Network Monitoring

Your MSP should also have a proactive approach in preventing network issues that can lead to downtimes. This includes 24/7 monitoring of your network by qualified IT specialists who can troubleshoot issues remotely, or if needed, on-premise.

Network and Data Security

Your MSP should stay ahead of data security issues. There should be a multi-layered approach to security including constant monitoring, high-level security measures like encryption and multi-factor authentication, and regular data center audits.

There should also be an effective automatic response to immediate threats and emergency response for critical threats to minimize damage.

thinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solution is dedicated to providing small businesses with enterprise-level IT solutions without breaking the bank.

We are a full-serve IT provider of reliable and secure web network solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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