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Have confidence with every email you send and receive


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Hosted Email Security by thinkIT Solutions

Think about it, email is your main line of communication—but it’s also a main target for unwanted intruders. You need an email solution that allows you to send and receive files of any size without worrying every time you hit the send button or open a message.

ThinkIT Solutions lets you communicate securely, efficiently and most importantly—with confidence. We’ll set up robust email systems and help you maximize your investment with the latest tools for streamlining communication and collaboration while keeping it tightly secured.

What Benefits Will I Get with
Hosted Email Security Services?

  • Protection from spam, malware and phishing scams

  • Quick backup and recovery in the event of disaster

  • Office 365 and Outlook support and integration

  • Improved uptime and server support

  • User training and support

What is Hosted Email Security and how does it Works?



Hosted Email security is a cloud-based email filtering service provider established by an online security company. Hosted Email Security software ensures to increase the rate of spam detection and restricts the number of phishing emails from entering the network

Email security services that are cloud-based do not require a lot of maintenance while the software vendor performs instant software updates as and when it gets released. The email security service is versatile, and it is compatible with all operating systems. This is affordable and there is no requirement of hardware or installation of any software while it is also constantly supported by the technical experts of the service provider.

To protect the corporate networks from malicious and threatening emails, businesses establish an account with a service provider, add the domain and a domain admin and then redirect MX records to connect to the server of the service provider. The domain admins create policies and emails are filtered in accordance to the policies as they pass through the servers of the service provider.

The policies are created or altered or extracted from an already existing directory tool as per the requirement. Various levels of spam thresholds are applied by the domain administrators by group or user domain or centralized management or enterprise-wide portal and it also helps in scheduling reports that are to be sent to each user when the email is quarantined by the hosted email security software.

This therefore, equips the domain administrators to easily monitor the multitude of spam emails to be detected, isolated and removed in real-time though management portal or through customizable reports. The reports equip businesses with online security and gathering and drafting all the risk assessments if the business functions within a regulated industry.


Why Business need a Third-Party Email Security Solution 


  • There has been a rapid rise in email-based spams and malware in the recent times

  • There have been over one-million attacks in the recent past

  • Phishing campaigns that targeted to attack employees has increased by 55%

  • And the rate of ransomware attacks has been increased by 35%

Email breaches resulted in data loss of losing over half a billion-personal information recently. Ironically, the healthcare industry that has the strictest controls to protect the sensitive information of staff, physicians and patients had been encountered by 39% of the breaches.

Protecting a company’s email from spam attacks has been a continuous challenge in to fight against sophisticated and smart cybercrime attacks and data leakage

To encounter breaches in an effective way, businesses require a robust Third-Party Email Security Solution featuring email archiving, encryption, large file transfers, email branding and integration.

Send and receive safe emails without having to think twice.

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