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The rapid changes in today’s technology landscape demand much more specialized IT expertise than ever before. Companies such as managed IT Solutions providers have emerged in the market and are beginning to replace traditional break-fix models. What is an IT Solutions provider then? It is a company that provides professional IT services combined with proactive network and security management at cost-effective price points within the budget of most growing companies. They evaluate the endpoint and software environment of the business and offer their tools and diagnostic abilities in the service of the client.

IT SolutionsEven before the current wave of IT Solutions providers came in to the market, most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) struggled to make ends meet when dealing with their IT needs. This required not only high-end equipment and software subscriptions but also high-paying salaries for their in-house or local IT Solutions resources. It does break the budget of most SMEs to try and afford these services which are within easy reach of larger enterprises, which leads to IT maintenance negligence.

Today though the options for SMEs are increasing. They can hire an outsourced IT Solutions company to compensate for their lack of skills and expertise. It guarantees quality and doesn’t sacrifice the resources of the whole company as IT Solutions providers are mostly contractual or occasionally work on a project basis if requested.

Getting to Know the IT Solutions Provider

Before getting involved with a contractual outsourced IT Solutions company, request a sit-down meeting with them and ask how many technicians or experts they employ. At the same time, ask them if they all have relevant certifications as proof of their expertise. Ask them how much field experience they have, how they would monitor/maintain your website, and how can they would communicate with you.

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What most companies want is someone to monitor and maintain their web environment so that it works all the time. They want a service company that wants to keep their website running and not to add more billable hours, which would mean reaching deeper into their pockets.

Make sure to talk about the items on your list of IT issues and evaluate the whole team.

About the IT Solutions Provider’s Ticketing Systems

The IT Solutions providers should use a ticketing system. It should be secure and organized to track website problems that occur at your business. This allows the business owner to see the help desk queue all the time. In addition, the IT Solutions provider must have a workflow to ensure no helpdesk ticket gets delayed or lost.

Plenty of IT Solutions providers use basic tools, simple software, and rely on their memory to try to keep track of their customer service needs. That’s not an ideal practice within the entire contract period. Many projects or issues can go unsolved or experience a delayed resolution. They will always be apologetic and try to compensate. This does not solve the underlying problem however.

An IT Solutions provider should be using a service ticketing system that allows you to submit a ticket and automates workflow for triage, prioritization, scheduling, and escalation. Request a demonstration of this system and your own private credentials to log in and see your tickets in progress. It helps you and your IT Solutions provider in the long run to work together smoohtly.

More Tips for Choosing an IT Solutions Provider

Business owners choose an IT Solutions Provider not only for their equipment and ticketing tools but also for their interpersonal and customer service skills. Make sure to write down these few things to consider in your search when considering a managed services IT provider:

  • At least one person on their team should be able to talk professionally and be able to talk about computer technical issues in a way that makes sense to you as a business person. Every type of work, including your business, has its own language. Someone needs to understand and adjust when the client and IT team members can’t communicate well with each other.
  • They must be very serious about back-up and disaster recovery. This is a critical need for all businesses and they should be able to provide professional help.
  • They should have a standard contract that the business can review prior to signing. This allows you to know the prices and limitations of the business partnership. Every person has the right to know the scope and limitations of their contract.


Thinking about IT Solutions properly can save you plenty of time and money. An effective managed service provider (MSP) should be able to provide the expertise you seek. If you are curious, check out thinkIT Solutions. We are a full-service Information Technology management firm.

At thinkIT Solutions, the cloud allows you and your business the accessibility to data and software to run your business anytime, anywhere. thinkIT Solutions has provided information technology services nationwide since 2001. We believe that businesses of every size, in all industries, deserve IT services of the highest quality. We work 24/7 to assure the safety of our clients.

We are happy to have you as our client whenever you need us. Contact us today for more information!

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