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What is Managed Services?

Managed services is the range of outsourced IT assistance functions that managed service providers (MSPs) offer their clients. When you hire an MSP, they will handle all the managing and monitoring duties of all your IT systems. They will provide your IT environment with preventive maintenance and guarantee that all your computers remain healthy and functional. MSPs will also handle network troubleshooting tasks when a system failure occurs within your IT environment.

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To know more about managed services, we listed here some of its core advantages to your business’ daily operations:

Advantages of Managed Services to Your Daily Operations

What is Managed Services
  • Access to Best-in-Class Tech and Deep IT Expertise

The biggest value an MSP can provide their clients is an outstanding quality of IT services. MSPs achieve this by quickly integrating to their systems the latest network management technologies available. This gives their clients access to up-to-date tech and solutions without heavily investing on them. These technologies enables businesses to ensure that their IT environment are being administered using best-in-class IT solutions.

Aside from up-to-date tech, MSP also staffs only IT specialists with years of experience will manage business-level IT environments. MSPs constantly provide them as well with up-to-the-minute technical training courses on current IT industry best practices. This enables their IT specialists to provide managed IT services that can keep up with their clients’ growing IT systems requirements.

  • 24/7 Network Management and Monitoring

By outsourcing managed IT services, highly qualified IT specialists from an MSP will manage and monitor your IT environment 24 hours a day. With the possibility of network issues and technical glitches to happen at any time, a 24/7 monitoring will be necessary to address possible issues immediately. MSPs set up comprehensive technical strategies that allows them to quickly fix  issues even before you notice. Also, MSPs set up extensive proactive support solutions  that are designed to reduce issues from occurring at the first place.

  • Enhanced Network Security

When you outsource managed IT services to an MSP, they will provide your IT environment with an enhanced quality of network security. IT environments of businesses store all the company’s sensitive data and information. With that, ensuring the safety of these data is imperative. Using their up-to-date tech and IT skills, MSPs can effectively set up strategic security solutions that will help increase the overall web defense of your IT environment.

Common Pricing Models of Managed Services

With all of these advantages that outsourcing managed services to an MSP can provide your business, there is no doubt that it could be really beneficial to maintain a healthy and smoothly running IT environment. But another great thing about MSPs is that they typically offers different pricing models to their clients. This gives businesses the liberty to choose the kind of managed IT service that would best fit their individual IT requirements.

Here are some of the common pricing models an MSP offers:

  •  Per-Device Pricing

In the per-device monitoring, an MSP will charge their clients a flat fee based on the number of devices that they will need to manage.

  • Per-User Pricing

In per-user basis, an MSP will charge clients based on the number of users who will use the managed devices. This is advantageous for businesses with high device utilization as your flat fee will not be affected regardless of the number of devices your employees are using.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing

In the all-inclusive pricing model, an MSP will charge a flat fee for all the managed network services that they will render to a client.


As your business grows, your technology requirements also increase. To guarantee an IT environment that can keep up with your increasing business needs, outsourcing IT systems management from an MSP will be your best choice. Hiring an MSP will not only guarantee that your IT environment will be managed using innovative technology solutions, but it will also allow you to focus on the other needs of your business.

Without the responsibility of maintaining your own IT systems, your organization will have more resources to set up other operational strategies that can help further develop your growing business. With your understanding about what is managed services, you will be able to properly evaluate potential MSPs once you decide to outsource IT systems management.

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