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What is the Cloud Computing Feature To Pick?

As the e-commerce industry continuously grows, the demand for cloud computing services drives non-IT people to try educating themselves on what is the cloud computing feature can benefit an online business.

Cloud computing has become the keyword for efficiency as it provides quality service for a minimal cost. And for the same reason, entrepreneurs choose to understand what is the cloud computing feature will benefit them and their business.

Knowing its definition and how the Internet works in its favor is not enough to ensure the best decision in choosing the best cloud computing service. So, here are some pointers to understand what is the cloud computing feature that can benefit a small or medium business on its online venture:

Benefits of Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud Computing

Value for Money

Value for money answers to what is the cloud computing feature that benefits a small or medium business. Among other network management services, cloud computing offers a price that you can surely maximize.

For an entrepreneur that is just starting in Ecommerce, budget is a great deal of consideration, which is why cloud computing became one of the most sought-after services since it provides quality service for a price that you can afford.

What is the cloud computing feature that made this possible? This is possible because of its feature of shared services.

In shared services, the expenses are divided among all those who are availing the service. Thus, it can cut the cost down to an affordable price.

Cheap pricing is not the only way you can get the value for your money in cloud computing. This also applies on its on-demand pricing.

On-demand pertains to the capacity of cloud computing to charge only the resources that you used. If you didn’t need much resources for this week, yet the peak of demand came the following week, you will be paying only those resources you used.

This way, you can maximize the budget that you have, and you don’t need to settle with fixed price packages that you can’t fully utilize.


Included in the understanding of what is the cloud computing feature that benefits small and medium businesses is the cloud computing capacity to scale up or down depending on your needs.

In traditional network management services, upgrades are done after the agreed coverage of the package. If that is a month or a year, only then that a website owner can opt to upgrade the use of computing resources.

On the other hand, cloud computing can provide a flexible offer of computing services within an agreement. Since you are going to pay only for the resources you use, you can also depend on cloud computing as you meet seasonal or sudden peaks on demand.

Thus, there is a very minimal chance of downtime or inaccessibility of your site because all resources will be provided whenever needed. This also solves the problem of other bigger websites consuming more computing resources than your site.

You will not be affected by “bad neighbor effect” since cloud computing can easily access computing resources from other servers to support the increase of demand, not only for you, but also for other clients sharing the server.

This flexibility answers to what is the cloud computing feature that benefits small and medium businesses. It’s not just the value for your money that you get, but also the reliability of the system as the need arises.

Accessibility and Mobility 

Cloud computing became synonymous with convenience because of one feature. What is the cloud computing feature that allows its users the convenience of easy access? The Internet connectivity.

Cloud computing provides access to all data using any device that you have as long as you are connected to the Internet. This allows users to launch applications across different platforms like laptop, smart phones, and smart TV, making their data accessible anytime, anywhere.

The mobility of storage is keeping up with the fast paced lifestyle as people continuously move around, taking their resources with them, allowing them to connect to work or home regardless of circumstance.

The mobility and accessibility that cloud computing provides allow the users to access the data at the same time, giving way for increased collaboration for business transactions despite distance and work efficiency by maximizing remote work spaces.

These two definitely answer to what is the cloud computing feature that benefits businesses.

Cloud computing is known for its provisions for flexibility, accessibility, mobility, and scalability that made it the most practical choice for entrepreneurs as they set to establish their online business. Understanding what is the cloud computing feature behind this preference justifies the demand for its quality service within your budget.


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