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Why Cloud Computing?

Why cloud computing became a common interest among entrepreneurs is not a mystery. The usual discussion of the top 5 benefits of cloud computing can easily justify that. There are also discussions about the disadvantages of cloud computing. Despite that, more people are trying to understand its advantages. Then, they figure out why cloud computing is the most practical choice for an online business.

Why Cloud Computing

Many computing services would say that their features are the best for your business. The reality is that the needs of your business identify the best computing service. Some businesses would need the basic features. Some would need a scalable service. Some would need one for peak processing and growth. Some would need cloud computing. Why cloud computing? Here are its features to answer why cloud computing is best for your business: 

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Why Cloud Computing? Cheap Deployment, Maintenance and Operations

Cloud computing is the service you need if you want to stick with your budget. It has the features that would allow cost savings for your business. These features pertain to the cost cut in infrastructure, maintenance, and operations. Let’s discuss why cloud computing is the budget-friendly choice for your e-commerce venture:

  1. Infrastructure – The initial capital needed for purchasing, setting up, and deploying an on-site computing infrastructure costs a lot. How much? It could reach an 8-digit price range. Cloud computing crosses out that expense. It provides the infrastructure through the cloud. That is why cloud computing became the sought after service in infrastructure. An 8-digit discount from the very beginning is the ultimate offer any entrepreneur would take interest in.
  1. Maintenance – You can never leave out maintenance in the budget for your on-site computing needs. This takes up the lion’s share of the budget. There is annual maintenance, and there is hardware maintenance. You also need to replace servers every five years to ensure that your system is functioning on its optimal performance.

Failure to provide such can result to low performance, unexpected downtime, or hardware malfunction. You don’t need to provide all these if you have cloud computing services. Since cloud computing provides the infrastructure, the cloud provider is also in charge of its maintenance. This is why cloud computing is a must to start your online business.

  1. Scalability – Cloud computing ensures that you will only pay the computing resources that you used. The demand of your business determines the expenses for computing resources. It might scale up for sudden spikes in traffic, or may scale down for dull seasons. You don’t need to pay for idle resources. It’s just a waste of money, just to ensure that you won’t run a business with depleted resources.

Cloud computing keeps your resources available. Some will say that scaling up costs more. Yes, it does. That is what you pay to keep your business up and running. Without the resources needed, your business will suffer from downtime. Aren’t you willing to pay for that ensured accessibility? Also, your business used the resource. If it’s needed, it’s not a waste. It’s an investment. This is why cloud computing can accommodate small to large enterprises. They provide what your business needs.

Why Cloud Computing? High Availability

Downtime is a nightmare for any online business. When your business loses the accessibility that keeps your virtual space up and running, that is downtime. This is why cloud computing is a practical choice for you. When your business experiences unexpected downtime, it will suffer in so many ways. Here are some:

  1. Integrity – Downtime is an indicator that your business is not reliable. The main selling point of online businesses is the 24/7 availability of products and services. Also, customers prefer it due to the convenience of purchasing in just a few clicks. Downtime is a disappointment on the clients’ end. Inaccessibility of your site means losing your customer’s trust. If they can’t reach you, they won’t try again.

With all the available online businesses that offer almost the same thing, you can’t afford to lose customers just because of an ill-maintained computing service. This is why cloud computing became the best choice for business. It can guarantee your uptime and reinforce your resources when your data center needs a boost.

  1. Revenue – Downtime leaves your business in a state of Limbo where you can’t do anything but wait for the problem to get fixed. A good team of experts can help you with all the hassle of downtime. Within that time, your business is already losing revenue. The number of customers that could have accessed your business, the number of sales your site could have generated, all these are at the mercy of when your on-site computing service gets fixed.

In cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about this. Cloud computing system provides established recovery systems to make sure that your business will always be available. This is why cloud computing is the best choice for your business.

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