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Windows Deployment

Windows is the most used operating system in the world and most businesses rely on it for their workforce’s computing needs.
In case your business, in any case, has multiple workers and, in some cases, has multiple locations as well, Windows deployment on per user workstation can be an enormous time-consuming campaign.
Your IT team will have to insert a Windows operating systems CD or DVD into each station and install it one by one. That is not all, they would have to configure each computer so that it is in line with how previous workstations are set up.

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Fortunately, there is an easier and more efficient way to deploy Windows to multiple users.

Windows Deployment

What is Windows Deployment Services?

Windows Deployment Services refers to a server role that allows IT administrators to deploy Windows operating systems remotely.
It allows for network-based installations to set up new computers so that it eliminates the need for Windows Operating System CDs and DVDs for deployment on individual client machines.
Windows Deployment Services automate installation technology so that it will require minimal intervention or attention.

Windows Deployment – Standardizing Windows Deployment on Different Client Machines 

Another thing that Windows Deployment Services can do for your business is to standardize the deployment of Windows over your organization.
If you inquire about any IT professional, whereas there are variations in user configurations as each department and each client may have different computing needs, having a deployment benefit where you’ll be able to standardize rollouts for new users and devices is the most helpful way to deploy Windows operating system and other drivers and pre-installed applications in a one-is-to-many environment.
Windows Delivery Services does this function relatively well. It acts as a repository of the Windows Boot and Install files, but also is responsible for the transmission of these files.
With Windows Imaging Format or WIM, which is a disk-based file type, you can install or boot client machines to their Windows Preinstallation Environment or Windows PE.
Windows PE is a minimal version of the Win32 Operating System, which is used to prepare a computer for Windows Installation.
Once client machines are in Windows PE, it can now copy disk images from a network file server that hosts the Windows Operating version you want to be installed, then initiate Windows Setup.
It provides IT teams a level of control over client machines before, during, and after Windows Installation.

What Benefits Will Your Business Enjoy through Windows Deployment Services?

Your business will enjoy several benefits by migrating to Windows Deployment Services over manual operating system installations. This includes the following:

No.1: Saves Your System and/or Network Administrator’s time and effort 

As mentioned above, instead of installing Windows to each client’s machine personally, they can do it remotely and in an automated process.

 No.2: Simplifies the Process

It helps your business standardize the deployment of Windows for multiple users. It removes the need to individually configure each client machine individually.

No.3: Reduces Network Congestion

Windows Deployment Services also uses Multi-Cast Functionality, which is group communication where data from a single sender is transmitted to multiple receivers simultaneously. This is a much lighter load on your network instead of communication to each client machine individually.

No.4: Get Reference Image

Keep track and differentiate end-client machines from each other through a reference image using its Image Capture Wizard.

Windows Deployment – Working with A Trusted Managed Service Provider

While you can set up your own Windows Deployment Services in your network, it can obtain a lot of resources to implement. You will have to purchase Servers to operate the required Windows Server and also host the files and data needed for Windows installation.
This is where your trusted managed service provider (MSP) can make life even easier for your Windows Deployment Services.

Through a minimal monthly fee, your MSP can provide you with:

  • Cloud-Hosted Servers for running required Windows Server 2003 SP1 (It is recommended that you run a Windows Server 2008 or newer version.
  • Help you run DHCP services on your company network for fast, automatic, central management of IP addresses distributed in the network
  • Help you with running DNS Services
  • Help you set up Active Directory
  • Managing administrative credential
  • 24/7 expert technical support

Windows Migration and Deployment through thinkIT Solutions

thinkIT Solutions is dedicated to making life easier for small and medium-sized businesses by taking on as much computing tasks as possible so that organizations can focus on achieving success.
This includes a streamline Windows migration and deployment process which will help any business be more efficient and productive.
For more information, contact us now at (504) 608-1132!

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