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Wireless Network Solutions

In the past, most offices depended on wired setups to connect employees to the company network and the internet. However, more and more research and studies show that productivity and efficiency increase when workers are given the flexibility to work where they want to work.

Wireless Network Solutions

This flexibility does not only mean letting them access your network even outside the office through the cloud. It also extends with your employees who are IT working in the office. When they are allowed to bring their laptops anywhere, from desks to conference rooms, and even the office pantry, you are making it easier for them to communicate and collaborate.

That is why reliable wireless solutions are in demand in many businesses. With businesses recognizing the flexibility it brings, there is no denying its importance in the modern workplace.

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Advantages of Wireless Network Solutions

The main advantage, as said above, is the flexibility it brings to the workforce. Wireless network solutions allow your employees to walk around freely around your office and communicate and collaborate personally wherever they want to.

But aside from the flexibility it brings, there are other several benefits that your employees can enjoy by implementing a wireless network. This includes:

  • No protruding cables – The main disadvantage of wired LAN networks is that there are a lot of cables to be installed for it to be effective. The more employees you have, the more cables need to be installed. This makes installation very tiresome, not to mention that hiding these cables are also an added task. Otherwise, it just looks ugly.
  • These are not problems with wireless networks. No cables needed just wireless and routers since the laptops and cables access the network through Wi-Fi.
  • Easier to Connect Multiple Users – Another limitation of wired networks is that to add users, you need to have LAN cables ready for each one. Without one, the user will not be able to connect to the network or the internet.
  • Wired setups, however, do not have the same limitation. You can connect multiple users with no cables as long as you do not reach the limit of devices that can connect to the routers and switches, and as long as the user has the proper credentials to connect to the wireless network.
  • Option for Guest Network – If you are a café or any other business that want to provide guests internet access either as an added perk or just so that guests will not get bored while waiting in the lobby of your office. This is easy to set up, you can simply install a separate wireless network for your guest so that they will have internet access without giving them access to the actual company network and data.
  • Obviously, that is not applicable for a purely wired setup. After all, you cannot simply set up multiple LAN cables for guests to connect to. It is just not practical. Moreover, it’s limited to laptops and won’t be able to provide access to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Professional Setup and Assistance of Wireless Network

A trusted managed service provider can help you set up a professional network that will work for your business.

Whatever stage you are in, thinkIT Solutions should be able to help you in your wireless network needs

Wireless Network Solution Evaluation

thinkIT Solutions can conduct an objective evaluation of your current IT infrastructure to see the areas of improvement. If you have no current wireless network yet, we can plan, design, and implement a new infrastructure that will support the level of wireless connectivity you need for your business.

Wireless Network Solution Hardware Purchase and Installation

With wireless connections hitting gigabit speeds, your network hardware should be able to effectively handle these levels of bandwidth to ensure that your business can maximize the wireless network.

thinkIT Solutions can assist you in purchasing and installing top-of-the-line switches, routers, and other equipment and equipment needed so that you have a streamlined and optimized remote network for your business.

Secure Wireless Network Solution

Leveraging the internet also exposed your business to possible cyber attacks like hacking, DDoS attacks, and other virus and malware attacks. Make sure that your wireless network is protected.

thinkIT Solution employs high-level and multi-layered security measures to safeguard your IT infrastructure. This includes high-level encryption to protect IP transmissions from end-to-end.

Continuous Wireless Network Solution Support

thinkIT Solutions also provides your business expert technical support. If there are issues with your wireless network, we can address them remotely or if needed, provide support on the premise

If you are interested in wireless network solutions that will serve both your current and future business needs, you can call our company at 608-1132 for inquiries and assistance.

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