When it comes to the vast sea of IT, you know you’ll want an experienced captain to weather the storms. But what about in times of smooth sailing - don't you need someone on lookout to ensure it stays that way? At thinkIT Solutions we understand that sometimes problems can seemingly come out of nowhere, but with proper planning and guidance, we are confident those iceburgs can be avoided.


ThinkIT Solutions is a Customer Service Company that specializes in Information Technology. Based in New Orleans and Boulder, we provide full-service, enterprise-level technology solutions to clients throughout the United States. You do not have to look to other parts of the country for industry-grade data analysis and premier services. At ThinkIT, we combine the national corporate experience with local presence and accountability.


We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes with services ranging from superior security and disaster recovery, to outsourced Help Desk and technical support. Our approach to successfully managing and supporting all of our clients’ IT needs is to start by Understanding, Analyzing and Providing.


Our talented team first seeks to understand your organization’s technology practices.  We follow by analyzing your network performance and design.  We provide the needed solutions to solve your technical issues and ensure your company continues to grow. 


Let thinkIT help you NAVIGATE THE SEA OF IT.


  • We start by UNDERSTANDING our clients’ business needs first.

  • We ANALYZE what is needed, what is missing, and what can be more efficient.

  • We PROVIDE meaningful best in class technology, processes, and support that meets and anticipates our clients’ needs.

  • We do what we say we will do.

  • Our success is measured not by sales but by the solutions we provide.

  • Great customer service is the single most important thing to our employees and to our clients.

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