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What You Should Learn about an IT Solutions Provider

Technology grows in complexity with every passing day. Internal IT resources are often limited in a growing business and can struggle to keep up with it all. Also, they are prone to compromising the quality of their work because they lack the bandwidth and expertise in topics such as the latest developments in cybersecurity. Hence, small and medium businesses often resort to outsourcing their IT maintenance to 3rd parties, outside companies, that focus on offering IT services as a solution provider. A good managed service provider, or MSP, can provide a steady level of support to meet a growing company’s challenging requirements.
MSPs are growing in popularity as they replace more traditional break-fix models. According to the “2017 IDC Application Services Survey”, 30% of executives are outsourcing management of their organization’s infrastructure and application portfolio. This is even expected to rise to 41% over the next five years.
The following sections will thoroughly discuss a few key points related to how to approach handling your choice of an IT Solutions provider.

About IT Solutions New OrleansKnowing Your IT Solutions Provider

What most companies want is someone to monitor and maintain their web environment so that it works all the time. You want a service company that wants to keep your website running and not to add more billable hours, which would mean you reaching deeper into your pockets.
Talk to your IT Solutions Provider and ask how many technicians or experts they employ. At the same time, ask them if they all have relevant certifications as proof of their expertise. A certificate can answer the following questions:

  • How much field experience do they have?
  • How they monitor/maintain your website?
  • And how will they communicate with you?

Make sure to evaluate the whole team and ask for references.

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Can They Perform Website Patches?

Anyone from the IT industry knows that updating a website is a tedious job. Plenty of websites haven’t been patched in years. Or even worse, they were never patched.
But how about using an IT Solutions provider? They provide this service as most businesses have a website to represent their company. You want your website running efficiently and securely, with the right patches and updates for each particular technology applied as soon as they are available.
Reread the service agreement. It will enumerate the services included in your contract and it can determine other services that you can request from them. Or ask the IT Solutions provider to evaluate your web site and whether it is up to date on patches. Make sure that your websites are being updated and patched properly and in a timely fashion. If your IT solutions company can’t tell you exactly when your website was last patched and what was patched, then it is time to search for another provider.

About IT Solutions Provider’s Ticketing Systems New Orleans

Your IT Solutions provider should be using a ticketing system as it a secure and organized way to track website problems that occur at your firm. This allows you to see the helpdesk queue at any time. Also, your service provider must have a workflow to ensure no helpdesk ticket gets delayed or lost.
Some IT service providers use basic tools, simple software, and rely on their memory to try to keep track of their customer service needs. That’s not an ideal practice for your entire contract period as many projects or issues can go unsolved or experience a delayed resolution.
Look for an IT Solutions provider that uses a ticketing system that allows you to submit a ticket and automates workflow for triage, prioritization, scheduling, and escalation. Request a demonstration of this system and your own private credentials to log in and see your tickets in progress. It helps you and your IT Solutions provider in the long run to work together smoothly.


Giving careful thought to your approach to IT can save you plenty of time and money down the road. An effective MSP should be able to provide the expertise you seek. If you are curious, check out thinkIT Solutions. We are a full-service Information Technology management firm.
At thinkIT Solutions, the cloud allows you and your business the accessibility to data and software to run your business anytime, anywhere. thinkIT has provided information technology services to the New Orleans area since 2001. We believe that businesses of every size, in all industries, deserve IT services of the highest quality. We work 24/7 to assure the safety of our clients. We are local, and we get to know you personally.
We are happy to have you as our client whenever you need us. Contact us today for more information!

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