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Announcing ThinkIT’s Service Coordinator

By January 29, 2016 No Comments

ThinkIT Solutions has always valued efficiency in all aspects of our business, whether it’s finding the most cost-effective solutions for our customers or providing them with IT solutions within a designated timeframe, our team always prioritizes our customers’ time and money. In order to better serve our customers, we have recently implemented a service coordinator position in our New Orleans office. This new business philosophy and position has changed the entire way we do business with our customers.


Customer Service Coordinator

Now, whenever a customer calls our office, they will be greeted by the customer service coordinator, who is ready and willing to assess their needs and direct them to the right person based on their specific case need and evaluation.  What this translates to is faster service with the right technician to solve your computer conundrum. Our customers’ issues will now be resolved faster than ever. In fact, we’ve already seen service time improve by 65% since implementing this new procedure.


Gingar Currier will serve as our service coordinator. Her primary responsibility will be to monitor inbound service requests, coordinates dispatch for our Support Center, perform follow up and organize schedules for our Support and Project teams. Gingar started January 18th and has already made a major impact with this new role. In the coming weeks we will see this new role improve and the benefits from it.

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