Key Features to Look for in Cloud Computing Companies

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Cloud computing has become popular among businesses today. There is a healthy market for cloud computing services. There are plenty of cloud computing companies offering good services. But there are still a few companies that offer less than what their clients deserved.

So, how do you know if the cloud computing company gives what your business deserves? Check them for some key features that make cloud computing companies good.

Cloud Computing Companies Should Be Responsive to Change

Many businesses nowadays find cloud computing an efficient way to share information. It is the most efficient for businesses because it is cheap and easy. It is cheap because it does not need extensive hardware to operate. It is also easy because it works through the internet.

The internet itself is dynamic and ever-changing. And cloud computing depends on it. Thus, the internet changes and so must be the cloud computing services.

In the Christmas Eve of 2012, Netflix saw a surge of heavy traffic. I mean, it’s Christmas Eve and it’s fun to watch something with the family. Unfortunately, though, Netflix had an outage on the Eve itself. This left so many people disappointed, ruining a beautiful holiday.

Cloud computing companies

The cause of the outage was attributed to Amazon Web Services. AWS is Netflix’s cloud services provider. AWS is one of the top 10 cloud computing companies in the world. Yet, they are not spared from troubles.

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Amazon traced the trouble from the platform’s Elastic Load Balancing. This feature is the one that distributes heavy traffic to different servers. This is to prevent overload. See how the failure of cloud computing companies to adapt can cause problems.

Well, that was many years ago, but a lot has changed since then. Cloud computing companies are more adaptable to changes. This includes a sudden surge of heavy traffic.

So, look for cloud computing companies that are adaptable to change. Make sure their cloud computing services could accommodate sudden changes in traffic. Make sure that the capacity is large. The larger the capacity, the more it is adaptable to change.

Cloud Computing Companies Should Be Client-oriented

When looking for cloud computing companies, make sure they are client-oriented. Why? When the company is client-oriented, they are more likely to attend to your specific needs.

Some cloud computing companies are rigid. They offer specific services and left clients to decide whether to take them or leave them.

But this should not be the case. Cloud computing companies should be able to attend to the specific needs of clients. Some clients could prioritize security in the cloud over capacity. While there are also clients that prefer prioritizing capacity over security.

Take a law firm for example. Law firms documents are usually confidential. So, the cloud services offered by cloud computing companies should focus on security.

In contrast, healthcare companies need large capacity in the cloud. This is because diagnostic images are in high resolution. These challenges cloud computing companies to expand their cloud services’ capacity.

So, make sure that your cloud computing services provider offers industry-specific solutions. It is a quite big deal whether your business is a law firm or healthcare service. It is also a big deal of whether your business is small-time or big-time. Find a cloud services provider that attends to the specific needs of these types.

Cloud Computing Companies Should Guarantee Security

Well, let’s face it: is still an issue up to this day. Malicious software is an ever-improving organism. Cloud computing companies are still challenged by these cyber threats.

Back in 2011, cloud service Dropbox had a bug in their code update. The bug allowed anyone to access customer information. Access was done easily by mere entering the account’s email address. And Dropbox allowed anyone to see the information even without typing the password. It took them four hours just to fix the bug.

Some few years ago, one of the top 10 cloud computing companies in the world had the same problem. The cloud giant iCloud suffered from security breaches. These breaches exposed private information even from celebrities.

Businesses of every industry maintain confidentiality for certain pieces of information. Law firms, for example, value confidentiality for their clients’ information. The same goes to businesses in the healthcare industry. They protect patients’ data.

So, look for cloud computing companies that put value in security. Confidential documents are important pieces of information in your business. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands. It has been iterated before, but it is still worth repeating.

Cloud Computing Companies Should Be Affordable

So, you want the best for your business? Look for cloud computing companies that offer affordable services. Their services should be affordable, yet still the best quality.

It won’t be difficult for big-time businesses to find services that are affordable to them. But, it could be a challenging task for small-time businesses.

Some small-time companies have a limited budget for server hardware. Some cloud computing companies require these businesses to invest more in extra hardware. This is so to make their cloud services compatible with the hardware. There might be a problem if the business cannot afford to invest in hardware as needed.

Furthermore, some cloud computing companies require their clients to pay more. This is so that the clients could have extra storage or processing capacity. But, the problem is this extra capacity is usually left unused, making the investment a waste of money.

Fortunately, though, there are cloud computing companies out there that offer affordable services. If you find the right company, you don’t have to invest in more hardware, neither do you need to pay extra for more capacity.

Affordability should not mean that quality is sacrificed. Do not settle for less. Look for cloud computing companies that are able to adjust to your condition.

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