Cloud Computing Odds

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Cloud Computing Odds

Cloud computing includes sharing of assets, information, and software using the Internet. This has brought changes within the e-commerce industry. The same happened with the daily company procedures using the cloud computing environment.

All the advantages of cloud computing made businesses show enthusiasm towards the service. Despite this, adoption of cloud computing has been slow. This made people ask about the cloud computing odds.

The slow adoption of companies highlighted the cloud computing odds. They used to take the sidelines of the new technology. One of the cloud computing odds is the lack of concept of cloud computing. Thus, there is a need to continue enlightening users about cloud computing and how it works. Security concerns and IT challenges are the other cloud computing odds. These concerns resulted in the slow adoption of cloud computing technology.

Let us discuss the cloud computing odds that we should understand. Is cloud computing technology reliable? Does it have the ability to protect all the data uploaded into its system? These are just two of the expected queries on cloud computing odds. Answering queries can help us weigh the possibilities that cloud computing can offer. Then, this can help us understand the cloud computing odds that might hold you back from using it:

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Internet Dependency 


To access and retrieve data, you will always need the Internet. This dependency of cloud computing technology on the Internet creates accessibility relative. The accessibility and reliability that cloud computing promises are conditional. This makes the services suffer upon losing connectivity. Loss of connectivity can be due to power outages or damages caused by extreme weather. These are scenarios that place cloud computing at the mercy of Internet availability. This makes Internet dependency a part of the cloud computing odds.

Internet dependency is one of the cloud computing odds. It sweeps the entire list of cloud computing benefits. Without the Internet, all the advantages of the service are no longer workable. Thus, it doesn’t matter how productive your people are. Neither does it matter how great you website performance is. Cloud computing failure is one connectivity loss away.

You can’t work around the cloud computing odds of Internet dependency. A good cloud computing service can help you form a business continuity plan instead. This can deliver at least 95% uptime for your business.

Lack of Control 


Cloud computing takes care of everything for you. That sounds like a good feature, until you begin looking for an independent management on your end.

Lack of control applies to the resources that cloud computing provides. Since the resources are scalable, you will encounter paying more than the usual charges because of sudden demands for resources. Also, if your business is growing, there is a big possibility that services would cost more than the budget you set aside for cloud computing. Thus, you lack the control over the resources for your computing needs and the pricing you need to shoulder. The lack of control of computing resources made the service part of the cloud computing odds list.

At the same time, cloud computing can’t provide you the control over the data you uploaded into the cloud. You can only hope that the data centers are compliant and secured. You have to rely on the cloud computing provider to maintain their data centers and servers as much as you would for in-house control. This makes lack of control over your data a part of the cloud computing odds list.

You can deal with the cloud computing odds regarding lack of control. Choose the best hosted provider that can ensure the right amount of computing resources. This way, you won’t need to pay too much for unexpected spike of demand for resources. Also, working with a hosted provider with local contracts can help. Choose the provider that can ensure the integrity and safety of their cloud servers. Prefer those who has established measures to counter or at least minimize the effects of these cloud computing odds.



Everything you upload onto the Internet will stay on the Internet. The Internet is also a prime target of malicious attacks. Why so? One of the most sought after commodity now is information. Data breach is a big deal of a crime. Information can be used in so many ways that even crimes benefit from taking them. Thus, a business that values the privacy and protection of clients’ information would be holding back from using cloud computing technology.

How serious is cloud computing security? Is it strongly sufficient to fight off cyber attacks and prevent data breach? No matter how many would verify the level of security that cloud computing provides, numerous still believe that security is one of the cloud computing odds. A powerful encryption is effective until a hacker learns how it’s made. This can be the chance that placed security into the cloud computing odds list.

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