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What is Colocation?

A colocation, or just colo, refers to a data center facility in which a business can rent space for computing hardware, network or Internet bandwidth and several other resources within an existing data center in order to deploy its own data center. A colo is responsible for providing the building, power, bandwidth, cooling, and physical security to the data center.

Today, we find that an increasing number of companies in the US are moving server and network operations offsite just to free up space and budget. These companies that go in for colocation basically have the skills, staffing, and IT strategy to plan and maintain their own environments. Effective colocation services in the USA are gaining popularity because though these services companies benefit from having and controlling their own servers, network, and storage, thus being able to handle their own costs and boost performance.

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IT departments that go in for colocation succeed in delivering consistency and performance that meets fiscal goals and avoids the significant costs linked with expanding in-house infrastructures. Thus, colocation provides companies with a wide range of benefits that allow organizations to exclusively focus on managing their operations and improving their products while lowering their IT budget.

How does Colocation Work?

Colocation providers provide excellent and strong security measures, including biometric access control and security guards. Resilience is also a key feature and data centers will provide backups and UPS devices to shield against outages even those caused by natural disasters.
Colocation Services in USA

The colocation process starts with a colocation provider renting out space in a data center that is to be used by customers for installing their equipment. The colocation provider will be responsible for providing the bandwidth, IP address, power, and cooling systems that the customer will need in order to effectively deploy their server.

Space is given for rent based on ‘cabinets’ and ‘racks’. Racks here refer to a standardized frame for mounting hardware and equipment. Equipment that has to be mounted in a rack is measured in rack units (U), with one rack unit measuring 1.75 inches. The entire price for the colocation plan is calculated based on the number of units needed. A full-size rack is 47U and is commonly known as a ‘cabinet’. Companies can rent partial, half or full cabinets based on their budget and requirements.

Benefits of Colocation Services

• Flexibility

With colocation, companies get more choices because colocations provide expanded network and carrier connectivity options. Colocation providers mostly offer their customers lower-rated network and carrier options to choose including blended bandwidth services, relying on multiple carriers to guarantee 100% network availability.

• Reliability

Colocation facilities and data centers offer redundant cooling, power and communication systems that guarantee a constant connection. It is always possible for companies to invest in equipment and measures to implement similar systems in-house, but they will need a huge amount of space.

• Green Energy

Data centers consume too much power and hence it makes sense to build them in places with inexpensive green energy. If your company stresses on the use of renewable power sources, then it makes a lot of sense to put your energy-intensive components in a site where green energy is standard.

• Round-the-clock Support

Colocation services provide 24/7 monitoring and support and guarantee that your systems are being maintained by IT experts and certified engineers responsible for serving as an extension of your company. In case an urgent issue comes up, onsite technical staff will have to be available all the time in order to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. When planning to go in for a colocation provider, you should do your due diligence to guarantee they offer this service.

• Connectivity

Colocation services will keep all your servers in climate-controlled data centers, with exceptional redundancy for network connections, and high bandwidth speeds. You are saved from paying for purchasing and maintaining this kind of IT infrastructure in your own offices. Your internal IT staff can also go ahead and focus on other business operations.

• Predictability

Going in for a colocation provider will save you tons of money and it also turns random capital outlays into expected monthly expenses. You get to pay for your own equipment and not the complete datacenter. With colocation, your company can comfortably plan a budget for IT requirements and allocate existing resources in a more efficient manner.

To obtain all of the above-mentioned benefits and many more, choose thinkIT Solutions – a colocation service provider in the USA. This USA-based colocation service provider allows you to house your servers in its secure data centers, saving your money and also improving uptime and bandwidth. With thinkIT colocation services, you just have to control the server software and content while thinkIT will take care of the power, maintenance, bandwidth connection and several other requirements in a secure data center.

Benefits of thinkIT Colocation Services

• Scalable solutions based on client specifications
• Expected monthly expenses
• Worry-free infrastructure and connectivity
• Physical and virtual security and stability
• Business continuity even during power outages

Enjoy the reliability and power of efficient, more affordable colocation services from thinkIT Solutions

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