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Computers are a big part of every business. In fact, in 2015, 65 million computer units were shipped per quarter. Business computers need maintenance and support to keep business operations running smoothly. There is frequently a lot more to troubleshoot and maintain than owners initially anticipated.

With such a large number of computers, servers, and mobile devices in service, it is not surprising that many Computer IT Support companies will offer repair, maintenance, and related services. Only a minority of business owners know how to repair their own computers and have the staff to do it. Computer IT Support like thinkIT Solutions can meet many of these IT needs.

Computer IT Support

Examples of Computer IT Issues

What are the common computer IT issues that IT Support providers like thinkIT encounter? Here are some typical examples:

  1. Blue Screen: It is a Microsoft Windows-related STOP error. Usually, it indicates a serious problem, most likely hardware- or driver-related.
  2. Missing DLL Files: Files ending with “.DLL” are dynamic link library files. They hold many codes, procedures, and instructions for programs. They exist to tell the OS how to deal with certain apps. Several programs can also open them at once, improving memory conversion. The problem only indicates that DLL file is either missing or corrupt.
  3. Applications Running Slowly: It could happen due to any number of causes when applications slow down or hang. But the most common cause relates to processing power and memory.
  4. Malware: Malicious software that can damage or disable computers and related systems. It comes in different forms and abilities. It has to be installed on a computer before it can cause problems. Some forms of malware can host data hostage and demand ransom (payment). This is called Ransomware.
  5. Internet or Network Connectivity Issues: Internet or network connectivity issues can stem from many problems. First, there could be something wrong with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Also, there are DNS servers to which you must connect, which can also encounter issues. Finally, there’s your local hardware, which includes your router, computer and network software.

The Services that Computer IT Support Provides

Having thinkIT Solutions computer IT support available to resolve issues such as those stated previously can give a huge advantage to a business owner by providing convenience and technical expertise on demand. We make sure that our staff is updated with all the necessary education and certifications in the industry. We are confident enough that we can perform computer hardware and software repairs at any time on any system covered by our service agreements.

Computer IT Support # 1: Virus, malware and spyware removal and protection

We have partnered with the best virus, malware, and spyware removal and protection tools providers. We can give you choices on what protection tools you prefer to use on your devices, computers, and other equipment. Cleanup can sometimes cause the system to disconnect, so resolving may have to be completed onsite. That is the kind of computer IT support that you should have all the time.

Computer IT Support # 2: Imaging and replacement of hard drives

If there is a need to change the hard drives, we are very happy to assist you in doing that. Allow us to see the current state of your computers and we will do the rest of the job once we have a settled contract.

Computer IT Support # 3: Configuration and deployment of new workstations

If you are thinking of changing your computers, we can also do the configuration and deployment of new workstations. We will guide you for better usage of the computers to avoid system malfunctions. It is a support for both your company and employees as well.

Computer IT Support # 4: Remote or on-site issue resolution

ThinkIT Solutions can do both remote or on-site issue resolution. This depends on the issue of the equipment. If we can do it remotely and resolve it on the spot, we can avoid downtime and more inconvenience.

Computer IT Support # 5: 24/7 system monitoring and remote management

ThinkIT Solutions has the 24/7 system monitoring and remote management tools that effectively alerts the IT experts and the business owners when a breach happens. Data breaches occur all the time with Mac and Windows PCs. Our Help Desk will be your first and only call you will need to make.

thinkIT Solutions Computer IT Support on both Mac and PC

Without reliable and secure IT systems, your entire company’s productivity can be at a standstill after an attack or breakdown. We understand how vitally important your machines are and that’s why we deliver complete computer IT support to prevent and resolve your issues quickly.

You can count on the experts at thinkIT Solutions for system configuration, virus and malware removal and protection, hard drive imaging, updates, repairs and more.

Do you want to learn more about the protection we can provide? To contact us, please call (504) 608-1132.

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