Computer Repair Services

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Computer Repair Service Companies have IT technicians with them to assist users to address to a range of technology-related issues, that can be from simple to complex.Following are the Computer Repair services delivered by the Computer Troubleshooters:

computer repair services

Diagnostics of infected Computer, Repair services for Laptops and Computers, Installation and Configuration of Server Networks, Consulting Services and New System Sales.

  • Diagnostics of infected Computer: The IT experts are well equipped to provide diagnostic services and can analyse and detect the reason and source of the problem.
  • Repair services for Laptops and Computers: The tech experts are available to instantly detect and resolve issues related to desktops, laptops, network systems and servers.
  • Installation and Configuration of Server Networks: The troubleshooters provide services from setting up the network to maintenance to ensure the network is up all the time.
  • Consulting Services:The IT experts are available to attend to the local business requirements with latest technology updates corresponding to the unique requirements.


Outsourced IT Support


To ensure that the business is reliable, efficient and effective, it is critical to check on each of the operation demands to work at its optimum level. Small companies must invest on a magnitude of resources to match the technological advancements in today’s marketplace. It requires a lot of funds to maintain the infrastructure as per the security compliance and there is a demand of manpower and there is a more to it. When the system faces any issues, it becomes vulnerable to malware and your peripherals are likely to be compromised which can cause system downtime.

This is when Outsourced IT support takes the upper hand to support the organization by providing some of the services like Helpdesk, Software assistance, Hardware assistance, Customer Service, Sales, and Remote assistance. Small to Medium sized businesses are currently depending on technical support services from outsourcing companies to assist them meet the growing technical requirements of the IT business infrastructure.

Cell and Tablet Repair

Sending the Cell Phone or Tablet back to its manufacturer – is time consuming and requires a lot of time. There are tech experts who can address to Cell phone and Tablet repair with the right solution. Following are some of the services that trouble-shooters attend to

  • Tablet and Cell Phone Screen Repair for Android Phones, iPhones, Android Tablets, iPads, etc,
  • Tech experts to attend to customer queries
  • Service Guarantee
  • Quality repair work


Wireless Routers, Professional Consultations, Certified Professionals, Competitive Prices, Wide Product Selection, Ethernet Cables, Weekly specials are some of the services available to assist small to medium sized business in networking.


Web Hosting is made available to users to assist from security to application management. It ensures protection and monitors the user’s computers to fend off the viruses, spyware, spam and suspicious programs. Application hosting would take control of the software updates and virus definition files.

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