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Here’s Why Your Law Firm SERIOUSLY Needs A Better Cyber Defense Strategy

By March 28, 2017 No Comments

Although the scope of data breaches and cyber threats continue to increase, companies throughout the world continue to digitize their sensitive information – giving way to greater risk potential for these hacks. As a result, cybersecurity has become a necessity, especially for businesses with confidential information like law firms. The majority of firms, however, refuse to make cybersecurity a priority—but this is a serious mistake! Here are three reasons why law firms NEED to implement a stronger defense against cyber-attacks:

Cyber Defense Strategy

1. High volume, highly confidential data
Law firms have access to sensitive and often valuable information for each of their clients. As a result, lawyers are required to maintain strict levels of confidentiality while also taking steps to protect it. Any breach in data can be deleterious to a firm’s reputation. By installing a cybersecurity system, firms can cover all the bases in protecting client information. It will also ensure that the firm maintains a trustworthy and reputable name.

2. High-risk target
Although law firms are often comprised of multiple practice areas, cyber security usually isn’t included—and without IT experts at (or working for) the firm, the entire company is at risk. More specifically, the wealth of information accessible makes law firms a target for hackers. Their confidential information can be easily accessed through any device that connects to the web, such as cell phones, laptops, and even those new innovative thermostats like the Nest thermostat. Without an IT specialist ready to secure the company’s network, there’s really no way of accurately assessing the firm’s security status.

3. Proactive not reactive
Law firms are well behind the majority of industries when it comes to cyber defense. While it’s absolutely important to focus on the client, some attention should shift to protecting the client’s personal information. Spending a little extra now on cybersecurity will certainly be beneficial in the long-run, especially in preserving those client relationships. Making security one of your firm’s top priorities might be one of the most important things you do in maintaining a reputable firm. Don’t wait to react to a data breach, defend your firm with a proactive cybersecurity strategy.

Overall, cybersecurity needs to become a high priority for law firms, even if it costs a little money and time in the short-run. Remember, thinkIT is always here to help throughout the process of creating and implementing cyber defense strategies—whether it’s creating an employee firewall through staff security awareness training or assessing your company’s risks of exposure.

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