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How Server Monitoring Can Prevent Downtime

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How Server Monitoring Can Prevent Downtime

Minimizing server downtime helps businesses operate much smoother. That being said, preventive monitoring is vital to identify and isolate potential concerns in your IT infrastructure.

Server Downtime is Costly

According to several business surveys, a server outage can cost $8,000 per hour. You could lose a lot more than just cash – server downtime not only impacts sales but customer loyalty, employee morale, and brand reputation.

The primary cost of server downtime is revenue and commerce productivity. Assist studies and research on brands and businesses indicate that human blunder comes to begin with when it comes to losing market credibility and reputation, but security flaws are at a near second. Whereas the first one can be avoided much less demanding thanks to continuous staff training and development, the second one is more dependent on technology. When your business works using outdated tech, your brand becomes much more vulnerable to encountering unwanted issues. 

Recovering from server downtime is not easy. There is an array of costs that come with recovering certain information, determining the root cause, dealing with their respective consequences, and the stress of coming up with a thorough damage report.

That’s not even the most damaging part…

Although the majority of outages can be avoided, several administrators still struggle to make the correct precautions. Once server downtimes take place, their aftermath is usually painful, very much evident, and expensive. Apart from bidding goodbye to a good faction of your revenue, downtime also halts employee production. When this constantly happens, you start to realize you’re losing more money than originally thought.

What causes Server Downtime?

There are multiple causes of what contributes to server downtime. Many of them could be the following:

  • Hardware malfunctions 
  • Changes in tech configuration
  • Compatibility concerns
  • Failure in functioning domains 
  • Scaling boundaries 
  • Outdated technology
  • Improperly deployed patches 
  • Unsuccessful software updates

How can Downtime be Avoided with Server Monitoring?

Like having security guards watch over the premise of a residence, running server maintenance procedures also helps in avoiding unplanned server downtime. A few basic methods go a long way. But how exactly do you run this kind of process and how do you best execute a maintenance strategy all in the name of keeping your servers up and running?

The best and most convenient way is to make use of automated server monitoring. This becomes even more helpful when your servers are located in various places. 

When your business makes use of a server monitoring device, you can monitor and track your whole server collective—from the memory to the auditing storage driver, and even the CPU. You can also very much reply much respond much quicker to any issue that could arise at any given moment. 

With the right server monitoring gear, you can get alerts regarding crucial server states, monitor server performances including their disk status, network bandwidth, and memory usage, audit software and hardware inventory, compare and monitor inventory differences with snapshots, and track performance services and counters for specific server functions. 

Who can I partner with to help with Server Monitoring?

The tech industry is booming now more than ever – hundreds of IT companies spring up all the time. But when choosing who to work with, look for an IT company whose track record complements your business needs and what you’re looking for. 

thinkIT Solution is a terrific example of a trusted IT advisor. Having been in the industry for more than a decade now, thinkIT Solutions has helped establish countless small-to-medium-sized businesses by providing top-notch IT benefits from technology assessments to cloud computing solutions and more or better.

For a more detailed discussion about how your business can benefit from the leading managed service provider in the area, contact thinkIT Solutions today.

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