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Is Your Business Ready For This Year’s Hurricane Season?

By June 30, 2017 No Comments

The first month of hurricane season has proven to us that we need to be prepared. As last week’s storm barreled through the Gulf Coast, it left us with a reminder that even in the form of a tropical wave, our area is in danger of storm surge, flooding, power loss, and more. Despite a relatively non-event to the New Orleans area, the storm did bring trouble and shut many businesses down on Wednesday and Thursday. The coming months could be riddled with storms. In fact, meteorologists are predicting 10 storms this season, five of which are expected to develop into hurricanes and 3 of which may become extreme hurricanes.

Hurricane Season

When it comes to destructive hurricanes and even tropical storms, being prepared is key. In the midst of this year’s season, there are a number of vital preventative actions you can take to reduce any impact on your business. Nearly¬†40 percent of small businesses forced to close due to hurricane damage do NOT reopen in the future, according to FEMA, so it’s not worth waiting for a storm to do its damage. Protect your company and its data with our hurricane preparation guide. Sign up today.

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