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Enterprises are problematic because of the progressive changes in the technology. It also demands increases in the workforce because new complexities require a whole new level of expertise. They are now required to secure their systems to their fullest effort using a wide range of operating systems, from the desktop to the cloud.

Ordinary company employees find it tough to keep track of all the endpoints, gadgets, and equipment. They have to make sure these are up to date and compliant with security protocols. Though, the greatest hurdle comes from all the devices on the network that the IT security team has no knowledge of. Let’s take in consideration that it is hard to fix what you cannot see or know from the beginning.

The good thing is enterprises can hire an outsourced company to compensate for their lack of skills and expertise. It assures quality and doesn’t sacrifice the budget of the whole company as IT Solutions providers are mostly contractual or project basis only.

Here are two IT solution news that may provide you more reasons to seek for an even better IT Solutions provider:

# 1: 2017 Equifax Breach

The US Federal government embarrassingly revealed the negligence of Equifax’s IT team through disclosing their thorough investigation. The investigators exposed that there was indeed a critical mistake in Equifax’s online dispute portal. This allowed attackers to covertly penetrate the company’s database for around three full months. The Equifax IT team wasn’t able to patch the systems on schedule hence exposing the system to vulnerabilities.

The Equifax IT team also neglected the maintenance of the certificate of their security equipment. It is hard to believe the truth but the security certificate took 10 months under the expired status until it was renewed.

Cybercriminals have for at least two decades reverse engineer software patches, to expose the flaws it is fixing. This is a kind that a patch to something that can harm the victim’s systems. As not everyone immediately installs the manufacturer-made software patch, there is a delay of time between the issuance of the patch and the actual installation to the target systems opens an opportunity for attackers to exploit.

To defend themselves, Equifax has asserted that they were responsible for maintaining their systems. A thorough inspection has been made in order to identify the breach, misconfigurations were corrected at the soonest possible time. The company also insisted that they disabled many URLs pointing to a request for execution. It is a loophole in the system.

Indeed, a very critical IT solution news that needs your full attention to IT solutions. Don’t neglect your own website patches if you don’t wanna end up like Equifax.

# 2:’s 14 Million Stolen Records is now in a critical situation. As the payment processing firm that accepts US State and local government billing payments, is responsible for 14 million of their customers’ records. Unfortunately, hackers stole these customer’s sensitive information such as full names, address, phone numbers, and the last four digits of their credit cards. This payment processing firm has been the primary payment processing company covering payments for fines and penalties incurred by a US citizen. The GovPayNet’s representative stated, “GovPayNet has addressed a potential issue with our online system that allows users to access copies of their receipts, but did not adequately restrict access only to authorized recipients.”

GovPayNet has been involved in a cybersecurity issue before this big problem happened. In May 2018, their subsidiary Securus Technologies was involved with unauthorized real-time location tracking of mobile phone users in North America. Securus Technologies was also a victim of a data breach, where online credentials of law enforcement officials were stolen. These online credentials have abilities to track the location of crime suspects via their mobile phones.


The major IT solution news can absolutely establish your need to scrutinize each IT solutions provider. As an effective IT solutions provider should be able to provide the expertise you are asking for. Just stay tuned with IT solutions news all the time. If you are curious, check out ThinkIT Solutions. We are a full-service Information Technology management firm.

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