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Leaked NSA Bug, “WannaCry”, Has Affected Thousands In International Hack Attack

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…And The Cyberattack’s Big Brother Is Ready To Upset More Industries Soon

If you aren’t sure if you are protected, today is the day to act, as tomorrow may be too late.

Your business information is at risk. Are your systems up-to-date, do you have active Anti-Virus software, do you have a Firewall that will help protect your business, and most importantly do you have an image level backup both locally and in the Cloud for quick recovery? If you don’t know for sure, SHOULDN’T YOU? If you question any of this, call us today. We will provide you with the right solution for your business giving you the peace of mind you need to keep your business running and protected. Contact thinkIT today, don’t wait to become a victim of these hack attacks.

If not convinced keep reading below.

Friday morning, currently unknown hackers stole data from the U.S. government to conduct a worldwide hack attack on both companies and individual users. The malware, now known as “WannaCry,” damaged 16 hospitals in Britain, shut down more than 57,000 computers in the Czech Republic, and froze thousands of computers in Taiwan. Even some of the world’s largest institutions have been affected, including FedEx in the United States, Britain’s National Health Service, Telefónica telecommunications firm, Nissan’s manufacturing center in northern England, and the Russian Interior Ministry.

This attack is the first case of using an NSA cyberweapon against organizations and individual users around the world. It has spread to nearly every point in the Globe, with Russia experiencing the most severe effects of the hack, and Ukraine, India, and Taiwan closely following at the top of the list, according to Kaspersky Lab.

All users affected by this form of ransomware have been instructed to pay $300 or more in Bitcoin to receive their files. With so many successful hacks throughout the world, industry experts expected the cybercriminals to accumulate over $1 billion in ransom payments. As of today, however, evidence shows that the hackers have only garnered about $33,000 in Bitcoin. According to Elliptic, an online financial tracking company, the money has been separated into several different Bitcoin accounts. The account owners are still unknown.

For those that have yet to pay their ransom or have just been hit by the next cyberattack, it’s important to remember that paying the fee does NOT guarantee that your files will be returned. In fact, it is recommended to invest in more dependable data security plans, rather than pay the ransom, to prevent this from happening to you in the future.

“Ransomware attacks happen every day—but what makes this different is the size and boldness of the attack,” reported Robert Pritchard, cybersecurity expert at the Royal United Services Insitution. “Despite people’s best efforts, this vulnerability still exists, and people will look to exploit it.”

With another large-scale attack on the way—one that could potentially put the last international assault to shame—it’s more important than ever to secure your networks. We’ve heard from dozens of clients who fear they may be at a greater risk of attack. As a result, we’ve addressed their security issues to ensure that their systems are closely monitored and their security is airtight to maximize defense.

Contact thinkIT today, we will provide you with the right solution for your business and you will know what you have.

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