Lunch + Learn How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware and Phishing

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We are pleased to announce that on May 25, 2016, thinkIT will partner with CheckPoint Software Technologies to host a free ‘Lunch + Learn’ event at Fogo de Chao in Denver, CO. This month’s topic will include learning how to identify and protect your organization from two of today’s most common types of security breach:

Types of Security Breach


  • Ransomware: a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back.
  • Phishing: a technique used to gain personal information for purposes of identity theft, using fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from legitimate businesses. These authentic-looking messages are designed to fool recipients into divulging personal data such as account numbers and passwords, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers.

Ransomware and Phishing scams cost U.S. companies hundreds of millions of dollars a year. These types of attacks are on the rise, becoming more complex and harder to detect each year. Do you have the proper disaster recovery and security plans in place to protect your organization? Can you afford to lose thousands or millions in damages and ransom?


Join thinkIT and Checkpoint Software Technologies, as we discuss the most common types of Ransomware and Phishing scams, the tools and techniques to carry out these attacks, how to recognize ransomware and phishing scams, and how to protect your organization when these attacks take place.


Hope to see you there!

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