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Server Hosting Solves Problems Related to Physical Servers

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Virtual servers provide solutions for every drawback associated with physical servers. This reality is easily understood by IT experts but switching to virtual servers is an abstract concept for laypersons to grasp. To better understand server hosting and how it beats maintaining on-site physical servers, read on.

What is Server Hosting?

With server hosting, the hassle and expense of buying, configuring, and maintaining server hardware are replaced with remote access to resources. The CPU, memory, and other components required to store data and power applications for IT users are all provided by the infrastructure delivery model known as server hosting.

Virtual vs Physical Servers

The following are two of the many problems with physical servers that are solved by using virtual servers.

1) If you add an application to your physical server but find that the amount of CPU needed had been underestimated, a CPU upgrade or an additional CPU would be needed. You would be facing downtime to implement the entire process. If, on the other hand, you utilize server hosting, reallocation of CPU and RAM can be achieved instantly simply because of the nature of virtualization. The additional cost, if any, is minimal.

2) When hardware failures occur in a physical server—and they always do—the physical server comes to a dead stop. This type of glitch may be caused by a dead motherboard or similar issues, and the best solution is to have a backup server. For complete security, multiple servers are needed. This is a completely impractical solution for small and midsized businesses (SMBs). When you make use of server hosting, there will be a seamless switch to another machine if a motherboard or other equipment fails.

Server hosting is an incredible cost-cutting IT solution that equips SMBs to compete with large corporations.

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