What is a Managed Service Provider?

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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the frequent customers of MSP. Most of the smaller companies have limited in-house IT capabilities. Hence, they may view an MSP’s service offering as a way to secure IT expertise. Did you know that 90 percent of businesses without a recovery plan fail that leads to a disaster?

Larger enterprises may also contract with MSPs for their own business endeavors and reasons. For example, government agencies, facing budget pressure and hiring limitations, may contract with an MSP to supplement in-house IT staff. That’s a smarter way to deal with IT limitations instead of bearing with the threats existing in the cyberspace.

What is a Managed Service Provider

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The MSP IT Service Provider Definition Brings Positive Change

Managed service providers pinpoint the root of the problems They meticulously review all of the enterprise’s current operations and methodologies. Whether it’s the way you process payroll, how you operate your cash register, or how you manage your relationships with your suppliers or contingent workers, the Managed Service Provider will keep the IT technicals in control for you. They do their best to maximize savings and lessen the expenditures in your organization while maintaining company efficiencies. They also find liabilities and challenges within your processes that you might not be aware of. This is also a part of the MSPs definition, they practice cyber attack prevention even before the trouble happens.

MSPs build personalized solutions based on your unique business needs when your systems are analyzed and these opportunities and liabilities are discovered. Lastly, MSPs then provide on-going maintenance and support of your new processes. This immensely helps your enterprise.

What is a Managed Service Provider Definition in Simple Terms?

What is a Managed Service Provider in just one sentence? Even experts will find it hard to provide one definition of what is a Managed Service Provider. It is because the MSP must be well rounded in the IT technicals and natural human operations to determine errors and vulnerabilities in the entire enterprise system. Here’s what you need to know on MSP:

  • Managed Service Providers cover the maintenance of your technology. You have to coordinate with your MSP to how much will it cost you. Furthermore, the MSP can determine what pricing scheme can work best for you.
  • A Managed Service Provider monitors the status of your computers and notifies you when something goes wrong.
  • They provide preventive maintenance for your computers and networks. That is their main purpose in your enterprise.
  • Most managed service providers also use a ‘ticketing’ system so that they can keep track of all work and provide timely, efficient IT support.
  • Managed Service Provider normally includes applying all critical patches, fixes, and updates to your computer systems automatically. It is expected of them.
  • In many cases a Managed Service Provider works remotely, so you don’t have to wait for them to come to your office every time you need help or work done. It saves time and lessens the impact of downtime when you need immediate fixing.

What is Managed Service Provider in Different Pricing Model

A pricing model is used each type of service offered by a Managed Service Provider. They offer different schemes to make sure that their customers have the convenience of paying. Also, it gives the opportunity to test out the service if it does work for them. It is a good information to know since money is also crucial in every transaction. Here are the three types of pricing model:

  • Per-user pricing. The MSP charges a fixed rate for each user, accommodating users who use multiple devices.
  • Per-device pricing. The MSP charges the customer a flat fee for every device under management.
  • All-inclusive pricing. It is also referred to as the all-you-can-eat model, the MSP charges a flat fee for all the IT infrastructure support and management services the MSP plans to offer.

ThinkIT Solutions for Better Managed Service Provider Partnership

An informed customer is now the direction in the market. You should be able to scrutinize each MSP available in the market. If you are curious, check out ThinkIT Solutions. They are a full-service Information Technology management firm. Since 2001, ThinkIT has provided information technology services nationwide. They believe that businesses of every size, in all industries, deserve IT services of the highest quality. We are happy to have you as our client whenever they need us. That is what is a managed service provider for.

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