What is Cloud?

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Cloud computing remains to be the most sought-after computing service. Yet, it still is confusing for new entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. Thus, people no longer rely on just understanding what cloud computing is and how it works. Instead, they now prefer to understand what cloud computing is for example.

Cloud computing’s meaning with an example is the easiest way to define it. This is suitable for non-tech people to understand its concept. The familiarity of using the services can help identify the cloud as a useful technology. Relatable examples will help in understanding the technology that dominates the e-commerce industry.

What Is Cloud Computing With Example

What Is Cloud Computing?


Before we discuss what is cloud computing is, for example, let’s ask what cloud computing is. Let’s try to understand the basic definition of cloud computing first.

Cloud computing is a technological innovation that uses the Internet. It distributes computing resources. These resources include software, servers, insights, databases, statistics, and additional kinds of data. Let’s see how cloud services answer what is cloud computing for example.

What Is Cloud Computing with Example Based on Services 


To discuss what is cloud computing with example, we need to understand its services. There are three major categories of cloud computing services : IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Let’s discuss each of them to understand what is cloud computing with example.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service 

Cloud computing has opened possibilities for small and medium businesses. This is due to its virtual infrastructure service that cuts costs. Upfront costs include setup, configuration, and operations. What is cloud computing with example based on IaaS? It deals with Virtual Machines, hard disks, servers, networks, and load balancers.

Computing infrastructure is the most expensive investment among computing resources. Data centers on-site, networking security, servers, and storage facilities compose the computing infrastructure. These make the service popular to users of computing resources. They are the ones who want to avail the pay-per-use policy. Businesses that need more resources during peak season would scale up. They can scale down when peak season is over.

Most companies can’t afford to build their computing infrastructure. Thus, Infrastructure as a Service made online business possible for everyone. It opens an opportunity to those who can’t afford a physical infrastructure for resources. This is how infrastructure service answers to what is cloud computing for example.

What is cloud computing with example? Under IaaS, here are the cloud computing samples. Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, Rackspace, and Google Compute Engine.

PaaS – Platform as a Service 

PaaS uses servers, storage, networking security, and data centers. They leave the infrastructure management to the service provider. Instead, PaaS manage operating systems, development tools, database, and analytics. That is the difference between IaaS and PaaS.

What is cloud computing for example based on PaaS? Cloud computing offers a platform for developers. Platform as a Service deals with runtime like Java Runtimes. It also deals with databases like MySQL and Oracle, and web servers. PaaS is more convenient for developers. This is because they can choose the amount of resources they’ll need. The pay-per-use policy makes the pricing and resources flexible depending on their needs. It is also designed in particular for developers to create applications.

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Also, PaaS makes the job easier for developers. They no longer need to deal with infrastructure management. Managed services to take care of the demands of operations. This will not interrupt the main task of developers. That task would be the process of application development, testing, delivery, and management.

What is cloud computing for example? Under PaaS, here are some of the cloud computing samples. We have AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Google App Engine, and Apache Stratos.

SaaS – Software as a Service 

SaaS or Software as a Service is the most popular cloud computing service. This is because of the consumers. This service is the most accessible. Consumers use the applications. They don’t manage any of the software and hardware resources.

What is cloud computing with example based on SaaS? SaaS deals with applications like emails, Google Docs, and Social Networking sites.

SaaS is also used to deliver software applications using the Internet. As long as consumers have Internet access, SaaS cloud computing service is available. Like IaaS and PaaS, SaaS is also using the pay-per-use policy. It could be for free or per subscription. Cloud computing service providers manage everything from infrastructure to applications.

What is cloud computing with example? Under SaaS, there are several cloud computing samples. The most popular are Google Applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, Google Play, and Google Docs. It also includes Microsoft Office 365 with OneDrive, Microsoft Office Applications, and Outlook.

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