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Why Does Your Company Need The Cloud? Here’s How It Can Improve Business

By June 2, 2017 No Comments

Simply put, cloud computing refers to processing information on the Internet. Amongst its many capabilities, like checking a bank account statement online, cloud computing has the ability to give employees access to shared files securely online directly from the Internet, rather than rely on intricate applications or programs downloaded to a laptop or desktop. For example, when you save in Office 365’s One Drive for another coworker to access, or if you use your Google Drive to share pictures with family, this is known as cloud computing.

According to Right Cloud, a tracker of cloud computing trends, companies throughout the world now conduct a majority of their work in the Cloud. In fact, IT respondents showed that 41 percent of a company’s workload is conducted in public Cloud, while 38 percent is completed in private Cloud.

So why are so many businesses shifting to work on the Cloud? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. It offers flexibility: This year, the number of employees working remotely has hit record highs. By conducting business in the Cloud, workers can transition into their day-to-day tasks much quicker, as they instantly gain access to any files and company information they might need.
  2. It strengthens company security: Lost or dead computers and natural disasters pose a huge problem for businesses. In most cases, when a computer is destroyed or misplaced then its information is lost with it—but not with the Cloud. When a company’s data is stored here, then the information is almost never lost.
  3. It reduces business costs: Basically, cloud computing eliminates the high cost of hardware and operating programs purchased for download. The cloud is a subscription-based model, which can significantly reduce costs for businesses of all sizes.
  4. It offers off-site storage: When you make the move to cloud computing, not only are all files stored in one central location, but your Cloud servers are also stored in a secure, off-site venue. Cloud services maintain best business practices for regular firmware and patch updates, adding another layer of security for your business’ data.

Although cloud computing offers a number of benefits for business owners, as well as companies as a whole, it’s important for companies to monitor and manage their new virtual work environments. From topology discovery to historical reporting, thinkIT’s Cloud and Network Monitoring will keep track of your network health and security, so you can enjoy the benefits of the Cloud without the stress of security issues. thinkIT’s Cloud Specialists make it quick and easy to maintain your virtual infrastructure.

For more information about why your company needs the Cloud, or to learn more about Cloud and Network Monitoring, contact thinkIT today.

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