Network Support Company

The company network is the backbone of your organization. An inferior IT infrastructure will also result in an inferior flow of data and information needed for your business applications and other daily tasks.

The main advantage of huge businesses is that they have the budget and the resources to build powerful and robust IT infrastructures to serve the needs of their business. They can too hire the best IT talents to manage and maintain their networks. Smaller companies don’t have the same kind of resources to compete.

Or at least, they cannot compete if they take the same route. However, with the help of a network support company, your small business can get access to enterprise-level network and servers without having to spend large amounts of money.

Going to the Cloud for your Network Support Company

Instead of opting for on-premise IT infrastructures that require expensive hardware like servers, your organization can instead shift to the cloud for your network and server needs.

Network Support Company

Cloud-hosted services refer to IT functions that are hosted on third-party remote servers and delivered via the internet. It includes IT services like network services and server hosting.

By going to the cloud, your business will be enjoying several advantages over companies that run on-premise systems.

Advantages of the Network Support Company

    1. Mobility and Flexibility

When your network and servers are hosted on remote cloud servers, the only way to access them is over the Internet. It means that you and your users will be able to connect to the company network from anywhere as long as you have a laptop, PC, or mobile device like smartphones and tablets that are connected to the internet.

On-premise network users, on the other hand, have to always be in the office to stay connected to the network. It does not allow them to work away from the office without being disconnected to the company network and other business resources.

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    1. Scalability

Another advantage of going to the cloud is that the IT services adjust to the needs of your business easily. If you need to add users to the company network, you can simply log on to your network support company’s designated login site or web app. From there, you can make the necessary changes with a few clicks, or taps if you are using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

If you have used up the server space allotted for your business, you can also expand on your subscription for more server space. No need to buy and install a new server, which is what will happen when you have an on-premise network and systems.

    1. Flexible Plans and Pricing

The main difference between on-premise systems and cloud-based network and server services is that the former has to be bought and installed, which means expensive capital investment, while the latter can be had on a subscription basis, which means your business only subscribes to the service until it needs to.

The benefit of having to pay for IT services on flexible plans is that you can treat it as a recurring expense instead of having to spend big dollars on a system that you have not used yet. On a subscription model, you can pay for your network and server solution only as far as you need it. Once you are done with the service, for whatever reason, you can simply cancel your service — no need to get stuck with hardware that you will not be using anymore.

    1. Secure and Reliable Networks and Servers

A network support company’s business model is built on trust. After all, multiple businesses are entrusting their network and data to them. One security breach will break the confidence that their business was built on.

That is why it is in their best interest to hold their data centers as secure as they can be. It is done through a proactive and multi-layered approach that considers all possible vulnerabilities. They employ the best security measures available and continuously update through regular security upgrades. It is unlikely that you, as a small business, can muster the same type of network and server security than your network support company.

thinkIT Solutions – The Network Support Company for Your Business

For your network and server needs, thinkIT Solutions is a full-service IT company that provides cloud-based server and network solutions at flexible monthly plans.

From design and planning to implementation and management, thinkIT Solutions can address all your needs.

For more information, reach out to thinkIT Solutions today at (504) 608-1132!

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