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Benefits of Managed IT Services & Security for Small & Mid-sized Businesses

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Operational efficiency is a priority for businesses of all sizes, but keeping up with important IT matters is often a struggle. Many companies fill in the gap using managed IT security and services, an industry that has been very much on the rise in the business world. Reportedly, 64% of all U.S. companies were using managed service providers (MSPs) as of 2016. If you are unsure whether hiring an MSP would be of benefit to your organization, the following information about managed IT services may help you decide.

What are Managed IT Services?

In our data-driven world, reliance on IT services is expected for any business, but needs have evolved. Managed IT services involve the delegation of IT operations and tasks to a third-party provider. Around-the-clock monitoring is typically included, and business owners choose the services to include in IT support packages. Just ahead, learn about some of the many positive differences managed IT services can make.

Better than the Break/Fix Alternative

If your IT issues are covered with managed IT services, you can escape less desirable outcomes associated with traditional break/fix IT support. When you pay for each separate IT issue, the provider of break/fix services will make a higher profit in three ways that all mean stable solutions aren’t guaranteed. Break/fix services can increase their profit by:

  • Reporting more significant issues than what actually needs to be addressed.
  • Being paid for each separate visit.
  • Purposefully slowing down service, since pay is on an hourly basis.

In contrast, managed IT services provide a guarantee that your IT expenses will be predictable. You pay a monthly fee with built-in incentives to provide durable repairs and higher quality services at competitive prices. When reliable IT is vital to daily operations, one of the most sensible and cost-effective IT solutions is to bring an MSP on board.

MSPs Provide Cybersecurity

Among the custom solutions available through managed IT services & security is a much-improved layer of cybersecurity. MSPs monitor the state of your IT systems continuously and generate relevant reports that keep you informed. Notifications are provided about security alarms and maintenance requirements. Mechanisms to prevent unauthorized network access are always live and active. Cybersecurity is vital, especially when considering the statistic that more than 60% of all small businesses that experience a serious cyber-attack are unable to recover and therefore shut their doors forever within six months.

Cloud Infrastructure and Data Backup

Storage of data is an ongoing issue that must necessarily be dealt with, making cloud services increasingly valuable. MSPs can include cloud infrastructure management as one of the custom features of managed IT. Reliable managed IT services improve administration and functionality of shareable content, prevent accidental data loss, and maintain safe IT operations while providing easy employee access.

Contact thinkIT Solutions for Your Managed IT Service Needs

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