Email Security Solutions for SMBs

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Email Security for SMB

Emails are the primary target of cybercriminals and perhaps that’s because they are such a huge target. As of 2018, approximately 124.5 billion emails were sent daily. Email security is essential, particularly for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), where 60% of cyberattacks are directed. Various email security solutions are available, including the following.


Data is believed to be even more valuable to cybercriminals than it is to the businesses from which it is stolen. Protecting sensitive information requires AES-256 level encryption of emails and/or attachments, though the horizon is ever-changing. Continuous monitoring is required to ensure that new types of cyberattacks don’t penetrate systems that were previously top-level forms of protection.


Employee emails are often the gateway for hackers to do damage. With a feature known as sandboxing, malicious attachments are discovered before being delivered to the inbox. When threatening emails are detected, they are quarantined and thereby prevented from doing the intended harm.

Inbound and Outbound Security

By filtering email, advanced threats can be stopped in their tracks. Solutions include automatic filter updates, customizable email filtering, and accelerated delivery so that filtering policies don’t slow down the email server. For outbound protection, solutions are available that ensure emails are legitimate and free of viruses so that sensitive data isn’t leaked.

Layered Email Security with MSPs

Third-party managed service providers (MSPs) have security experts on staff and provide 24/7 monitoring. Protecting emails requires continuous attention to network security, and few SMBs have the time to conduct their business plus master email security or other IT issues.

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