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The Best Option for Small Businesses Looking to Outsource their IT

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The need for IT outsourcing comes to us all, or at least to all businesses, according to tech experts. Entrusting parts of your business to the cloud may seem complex and daunting, which is natural. When you have the help of a managed service provider (MSP), however, your concerns can quickly be erased. The following are among the benefits of hiring an MSP for outsourcing IT.

MSPs are More Cost-Effective

IT services are needed for most companies because of the importance of online activities. The cost of hiring one IT professional typically costs approximately $42,000 per year, which comes to $21 per hour. On top of the cost of salary, the company will also have expenses toward health insurance, dental services, paid sick days, vacation, and a 401K. In contrast, if you use an MSP for IT outsourcing, you would have the benefit of a team of skilled IT experts for a fraction of the cost. 

Proactive IT Services

MSPs offer proactive IT services that can help you avoid disruptive downtime. The cost of IT outsourcing will help to save money by adding preventative measures to help with business stability. MSPs include regularly scheduled services as a strategic management tool.

Better Network Security

A necessity every business faces these days is network security. Cyber threats are always looming, and a firewall that is actively managed by an MSP can help you avoid cyber attacks such as ransomware and other types of malware. Protecting your organization’s bottom line starts with hardening your network against cybercriminals. As outsourced IT partners, MSPs utilize the experience of diverse staff and up-to-date tools to keep hackers away from your data and equipment.

Level the Playing Field

Large companies usually keep a team of full-time IT professionals on staff. They invest in a range of tools and systems that allow them to manage their affairs more efficiently. These types of benefits are made available to small businesses with MSPs handling their outsourced IT. A team of experts can provide insights that can make your small business more competitive.


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