Simplifying the Global WAN with Managed Network Services

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Telcos historically have dominated managed network services. No longer is that the case, here’s why:

For decades, telcos delivered managed network services using a hoary if familiar template: “hub-and-spoke” network architecture. This wide-area network (WAN) model is obsolete since it’s incapable of supporting users requiring mobile network access in the field and at home, not just in the office.

This need is a big reason behind the evolution of cloud managed services and its growing popularity with behemoth corporations and small/mid-sized businesses (SMBs) alike.

As network traffic flows have changed, the practice of shuttling data (and voice traffic is now data) to an intermediary data center is inefficient and unnecessarily costly.

A chief concern of decentralizing data traffic is security. It’s relatively simple to provide secure IT at a data center. But now, with traffic dispersed into the cloud, cybersecurity needs to be applied everywhere.

Simply put, worker mobility and the “hub-and-spoke” managed network model are incompatible with each other, as telcos typically serve only “spokes” to a limited number of an organization’s locations.

Too, when tapping Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) providers, multi-national enterprises must cobble together various networks to create a truly global WAN. It’s asking a lot to create an affordable and efficient worldwide net this way, particularly with a small IT support staff. Hence, the evolvement toward the managed IT services model.

Cloud Managed Services

Today’s preferred networking ecosystem is cloud-based; all services are sourced from the cloud and users subscribe to only the services they need. Flexibility is a defining characteristic of these services. In addition to their “a la carte” nature, these services are metered on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

Three basic models are recognized:

• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS)

These standards encompass dozens of applications from data storage, networking, computing, analytics, mobile, management, developing tools and much more.

A cloud managed services provider builds a private worldwide network with myriad points of presence (PoPs) across a multi-carrier “core” network. With “load-balancing” networking and multiple links, the provider offers SLA benchmarks of availability, performance and reliability. Naturally, data security is assured by multiple layers of encryption.

Users — mobile, data centers, office branches — access their global network through a PoP (i.e, their laptop, mobile device, etc.) All cybersecurity measures are integrated within the network.


• Direct cloud and Internet access without backhauling traffic or compromising security
• VPNs are not needed
• Since this is a cloud service offering, there’s no need for CPE or infrastructure
• Intrinsic flexibility to provide services at any location

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