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What is data recovery? It is essentially the solution to data loss, a major concern for modern companies today.

According to Consoltech, 70% of small firms closed down within a year after a major data loss incident. Moreover, 94% of all companies which suffered major data loss did not recover, while 51% of them closed down within just two years after the incident.

Data loss is a serious problem that takes down a lot of companies. Thus, it has a major impact regardless of the industry your company belongs to. Minimizing data loss is the purpose that defines what is data recovery.

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Causes of Data Loss

Data loss is inevitable and this puts emphasis on the importance of data recovery. There are a lot of factors that cause data loss. Each of them have a different answer to what is data recovery.

Some causes of data loss are naturally occurring, while some are made by artificial means. Some cause are even caused by factors related to human operation.

What is Data Recovery?

1. What is Data Recovery from Malware Attack? Malware attacks are one of the primary causes of data loss. A lot of strategies that make up what is data recovery are responses to malware attacks.

Some malware are even designed specifically for stealing data. One such type is the ransomware. This malware hides your data and asks for ransom to have it back.

2. What is Data Recovery from Overheating? Data loss due to overheating is more of an issue on the hardware than the software. Heat is a naturally occurring force around us. So, hardware overheating is inevitable.

Overheating can cause serious damage to hard disks. This is because hard disks are extremely sensitive. To avoid data loss due to overheating, check if your computer’s cooling system works well.

3. What is Data Recovery from Electronic Failure? An unreliable power source could also cause data loss. Power sockets that give too much or too little power can cause this. Sudden power surges can also cause changes in power flow to your computer.

This, then, can inflict serious damages to your hard disk which can cause data loss. Recovering data from electronic failures also defines what is data recovery.

4. What is Data Recovery from Mechanical Failure? Mechanical failure is another inevitable factor that causes data loss. Hard drive parts are physical and they naturally degrade over time.

So, the primary actions to do to prevent a mechanical failure is to regularly check them. Check for noisy grinding sounds from your computer.

5. What is Data Recovery from Human Error? Human errors can also be the cause of data loss. To err is quite natural for a person. Humans are the primary users of computers. So, there should be emphasis put on the importance of data recovery.

Erring human operations include modifying the system settings and altering data. Installation of the wrong operating system are also human errors.

How to Recover Data

The causes of data loss are quite natural and inevitable. That could happen in any given moment.

Lost data could be something of importance to your company. So, it is important that your business would layout a data recovery plan.

Data recovery could be achieved in a lot of ways. It is a whole field of science in its own which involves strategies and plans.

1. What is Data Recovery from Backup Data? Backup data is one of the things that define what is data recovery planning. It is a popular example of a data recovery plan as it is simple and often cost less or even free.
Some users store backup data in another hard disk. Some users use cloud computing storage to backup their important data. It is important that you have spare data when something goes wrong with your hard disk.

2. What is Data Recovery with Data Recovery Software? One of the ways to recover data is by the use of a data recovery software. Some users would rather recover data by themselves instead of hiring recovery services. So, they download a data recovery software to help them salvage lost files.

3. What is Data Recovery with Data Recovery Services? Some cases of data loss are too bad to be handled by the users themselves. In some really bad cases, hard disks are seriously damaged. Also, the malware attack might be bad enough to destroy every piece of data on a hard disk.

If such is the case, data recovery services could be availed. These services are done by professionals. So, these services are really for data loss and hard disk crash on the worst level possible.

Data loss is a serious issue as it can seriously affect your business. So, salvaging data can also mean salvaging your company from its total decline.

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