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Small Business IT Support in New Orleans

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Small business IT support is often too expensive when it means staffing an entire IT department. That doesn’t dismiss the fact that operational efficiency in today’s world is impossible to maintain without the help of IT specialists. A company that falls behind on updates and network management is at an increased risk for a breach or an outage. A managed IT service is the perfect solution for small business IT support.

What is a Managed IT Service?

An IT service provider delivers managed IT services for a flat rate. This type of small business IT support is unlimited and can include proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure and workstations. Because these services are unlimited, the IT service provider is fully motivated to ensure that the organization experiences as few IT problems as possible. The managed IT service provider shares the same goal as the small business who signs on for its services and support. This is just one of the many reasons a managed IT service is ideal for small businesses.

Advantages of Managed IT Services for Small Business IT Support

Another option for small business IT support is to go with break-fix services. The disadvantages of break-fix support, however, far outweigh any perceived advantages. The break-fix model includes charges for hourly labor, costs of repair, and consultation. No preventative IT measures are built into the plan. After all, the way break-fix companies make their profits is by having more service calls. Overall, the break-fix method is disruptive, inhibits productivity, increases downtime, and costs more than the fixed monthly fee for managed IT services.

The following are more of the advantages of going with managed IT services for small business IT support:

Experts involved in managed services monitor your computer network for irregularities and threats round-the-clock. Any potential threats are deleted immediately, and any problems that may have occurred are remedied before real damage to your IT system is done.

Having IT experts involved in the 24/7 operation of your company provides peace of mind and gives you the freedom to focus on your business.

The proactive support provided by managed services means that problems will be identified and resolved before they happen, which keeps your systems running smoothly with minimal downtime.

Strategic IT planning provided by managed services provides the IT expertise that alerts you to future needs. Risks such as server crashes, viruses, and downtime are minimized as proactive support ensures that software and IT infrastructure are updated and upgraded in a timely manner.

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thinkIT Solutions offers the best small business IT support in New Orleans. With the help of our experts, you can better harness the incredible power of technology while reducing risk. Monthly services can be custom-tailored to fit a small business’ needs. Among our services available for small business IT support are network security, network administration, reliable response services, and cloud computing, data backup and much more.

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