What are IT services?

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IT stands for Information Technology. It requires communication and computing enhancements for managing data across the digital space that affects the way we gather, process, archive and distribute all kinds of information.

IT services includes a range of domains – web technology, bioinformatics, cloud computing, knowledge bases, global information systems and so on. IT services cover the areas of computer systems, programming, data management, software and hardware in any visual format.

Information technology has covered all walks of life. It offers solution to deploy, execute, control and run businesses more effectively, faster and hence generate good revenue.

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IT services generally offers the following five packages

• Business Process automation
• Information Access
• Storage and Retrieval
• Customer Relations Management
• Tools for Productivity and Performance

Business Processes

All the organizations across various industries are under intense pressure to provide high productivity and performance with restricted amount of resources.

Organizations opt for IT services to reduce the expenditure on business operations. Business process services entitles the organization to enable exclusive attention on core activities, boost customer satisfaction, innovative services and so. Business processes provide solutions to meet the demands of the company’s specific requirements as per the core service and field it offers. The results of Business process-oriented IT services are enhanced efficiency, performance and productivity.

Information Management

In the recent past, organizations struggle a lot to manage tons and tons of data while they must ensure security, accessibility, compliance with regulatory bodies. To survive and to thrive to be the best in global market place, all the data should be managed, stored and accessed in an efficient manner with relevance and authenticity. Information Management is a type of IT service that equips the organization to gather, retain, archive and retrieve data and provides complete protection of confidential business and customer data.

Data Centers

With technology advancing and evolving every other, Organizations that deliver IT solutions and services can customize IT services as per the business needs. There is a rise in IT demands to support business operations and that requires a trustworthy, secure and scalable data centre support for optimized business solutions.

End-to-end Services

End-to end services minimizes the infrastructure cost and the cost to hire and train professionals to maintain and manage the infrastructure. This method provides outsourced IT services with inhouse IT skilled experts to deliver customized IT support and services to business across different verticals.

Managed IT services

It is important for organizations to ensure the consistent availability of required IT services and systems to support the core activities of the businesses. However, maintaining and managing an inhouse IT infrastructure is challenging and can be expensive and it requires experts to stay up-to-date to handle the latest technologies. ThinkIT solutions cover all the IT services to attend to your business IT needs, while you concentrate more on the management core activities.

Our IT services deliver consistent management of systems and networks that ensure to keep up your PCs, networks and servers running, reducing the downtime and increasing the productivity. We also ensure to deliver the right and scalable managed IT services to optimize your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Companies sometimes fall in short Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. A managed IT service solution can provide protection and take control of your data effectively.


Efficient collaboration is a concern as employees work from different parts of the world. ThinkIT solutions offer robust tools equipped with deployment, custom design and training to ensure effective collaboration.

Enterprise Applications Management

Enterprise Application management is certainly a daunting and time-consuming task. ThinkIT Solutions offer effective cloud-based managed IT services for SAP, Oracle EBS and Microsoft Dynamics AX environments, through a single point of accountability.

Network Management

We offer managed network services to equip your network infrastructure with up-to-date and secure operating business speed. We entitle organizations to build, maintain or to stay updated with your network to meet current and future demands.

Security & Compliance

There has been a consistent struggle in securing the IT infrastructure of any organization. There is a rise in the number of devices connected to the network and there is always pressure of organizations to maintain security compliance to keep data safe. With ThinkIT solutions the there is complete security.

Managed IT Systems

ThinkIT solutions manages IT systems while your IT professionals focus on effective performance.

Managed Storage

ThinIT solutions offers versatile, secure, cost-friendly and accessible IT storage services to meet your organization demands.

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