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Threats Preventable By Cloud Computing and Security

With cyber attacks happening now and then, you’re probably conscious of data security. In fact, there are 24,000 malicious applications blocked every day in smartphones alone. Even data secured in a flash drive is not safe from all the elements. So, how can you store and secure it? It’s time you hear about the strong connection between cloud computing and security.

Security is one of the most prominent benefits of cloud computing to businesses. Security of cloud storage is strong enough to prevent the most prevalent threats. Read on to find out the threats that could be prevented by cloud computing and security.

Cloud Computing and Security Against Breaches

One of the biggest challenges of cloud computing and security today is data theft. When you use cloud computing, you’re essentially transmitting information through the internet. And the internet is a wide sea of information. Unfortunately, among that information are cyber threats.

A 2015 study found out that an average of 10% of data stored in the cloud is sensitive. Within this percentage, 48% are source code. Personally, Identifiable Information accounts for 33%. Health information occupies 14%. Payment card data account for 5%.

Leakage of sensitive information could cost $1.9 million to an average organization. Hackers could do a lot of things once they obtained your data. They could take over your account or destroy your data. These actions could cause serious damage to your business.

Cloud Computing and Security

Yet, security in the cloud is a lot safer than on-premise platforms for some major reasons.

One of these reasons is the physical barrier between your business and the storage. Because of this, employees with malicious intentions cannot have easy access to data. With cloud computing, there is a barrier between that employee and your data. This barrier also protects your data from the actual hackers.

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There is another reason why cloud computing and security have a robust relationship. That reason is the fact that the cloud allows for controlled access to data.

You could maximize IP addresses in building your cloud computing and security protocols. You could only grant certain users with specific IP addresses access to your data. You may also block certain users by just blocking their IP addresses.

There is also more to cloud computing and security. Another reason why security of cloud storage is strong lies in your own service provider. Your service provider monitors everyone that accesses your data.

Furthermore. cloud computing and security features of this platform are regularly updated. Cloud computing has been known to be a flexible platform. Thus, security updates can be done easily.

Updating in on-premise environments could be laborious and costly. This is because on-premise platforms usually have limited capacity and hardware.

Cloud Computing and Security Against Malware

Back in 2017, the WannaCry malware attack affected over 150 countries. It affected nearly 25,000 computers!

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom even caught up this attack. This threat made the hospital system turn patients away.

Virtually every organization affected by the WannaCry attack use on-premise platform. Such big damage could have been prevented if they use cloud computing and security.

Your data is safer when stored in an on-premise environment than an off-premise one. And this is if your computer is not connected to the internet. Connecting the on-premise environment to the internet makes it vulnerable.

Of course, computers work mostly on the internet. It transmits information using the internet. It makes software updates through the internet. You cannot just cut the internet away from your computer to protect it from malware.

On-premise environments are hard to be updated since they are limited physically. And since updating them is not easy, updates are seldom done.

Furthermore, on-premise environments are also more expensive to maintain. You need full-time IT specialists to watch over them. Businesses usually would just cut down maintenance within the budget.

Use cloud computing and security will be maximized. Security in the cloud is regularly updated. Security of cloud storage is also legitimate as they are designed by experts. Let your service provider handle your data and you could focus on your business.

Cloud Computing and Security Against Data Loss

Cloud is one of the most frequently used platforms to back up files. This is one of the main uses of cloud computing and security features within it. You may have encountered it yourself. You have probably backed up your valuable photos or documents with it. You may have used the iCloud on your phone or Google Drive.

Well, companies also do this. Not all businesses use the cloud as their main platform. Some businesses only partially use the cloud. And these businesses usually only use the cloud to back up their important documents.

We have already mentioned how WannaCry affected thousands of computers. WannaCry is ransomware. What ransomware does is they hold and hide your data? It will then request you to pay money to recover your data. Otherwise, it will destroy it.

But, even if you pay for the ransomware to leave your data alone, you’ll most probably lose it anyway. Just like how criminal activities work, the ransom is a sham.

In fact, IT experts suggest victims not to pay the ransom. This is because it does not only feeds the attack, but there is also a high chance that your data has already been destroyed by the malware.

Now, your data was lost. Luckily, you are aware of cloud computing and security. You made a backup of your files on a cloud. All you had to do now is to restore your data using the cloud copies.

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