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Key Cloud Computing Security Issues

is one of the secured services you can use to store data. It owes its security much from the physical separation between the cloud and any threat. Yet, the system is not always perfect. So, some cloud computing security issues still make the system vulnerable to threats.

So, it is still worth a while to discuss the cloud computing security issues we are facing today.

Data Breaches as One of the Cloud Computing Issues

One of the cloud computing security issues known to us is data breach. The cloud platform is shared by multiple users, so it is not impossible that breaches in the data could be made. This is true especially with public cloud networks.

While cloud computing is a relatively new platform, data breaches are around for a long time. They existed since the creation of early computers. And it continues to be an issue until today.

A large number of users could sacrifice the data security of the cloud. This is because a large number of users is usually hard to contain and track.

To avoid data breaches, make sure to get a platform with strong security measures.

But, if you’re still not satisfied with this, you could conduct your own security measures. You can authenticate all users that access your network. You may also only allow them to access data they are specifically permitted to access.

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Malware Breach as One of the Cloud Computing Issues

Malware has been one of the major risks of cloud computing. It still continues to be one of the primary cloud computing security issues today.

Malware programs are getting better. They are ever-evolving and developing more sophisticated codes and techniques to victimize computers. That is why they are still one of the top cloud computing security issues.

Cloud Computing Security Issues

Some malware programs even mimic the features of a Software as a Service cloud platform. With this method, they could easily be mistaken as cloud computing programs. So, they could also easily enter systems.

Once the malware enters the system, it runs with the cloud computing platform. The program may then eavesdrop you by stealing data within the system and send it to somewhere.

You can avoid cloud computing security issues such as this. Just make sure to find platforms that have the best security measures.

Employee Negligence as One of the Cloud Computing Issues

Employee negligence is one of the notable cloud computing security issues. Risks of cloud computing could also be the fault of some employees.

Cloud is a flexible platform. This flexibility is one of the advantages of cloud computing. This is because anyone who is permitted could access the cloud in any device.

But, this could also be one of the cloud computing security issues. Your employees could access data in the cloud in laptops, tablets, and even phones.

These mobile devices are common for personal use. So, they are more likely outside company protocols on security. Accessing data from the cloud with those devices could expose them from threats.

Make sure to outline your company’s security protocols to your employees. This is so that you could cut down the risk of cloud computing security issues.

Data Loss as One of the Cloud Computing Issues

Data loss is somehow related to data breach in the list of cloud computing security issues. This issue could seriously affect any organization who does not keep backup files.

Malware attacks and intentional data wiping are main reasons of data loss. But, uncommon factors such as natural disasters could also be causes.

One example of data loss due to natural causes happened to Google. Back in 2015, Google loss important data after lightning struck their electrical grid.

Anything could cause cloud computing security issues such as data loss. To avoid data loss, make sure to prepare a backup plan for recovering your important data.

Not all cloud computing service providers offer a data recovery plan. But, you may also look for service providers that offer this service. You may also prepare your backup plan yourself.

Phishing as One of the Cloud Computing Issues

Another special mention for the list of cloud computing security issues is phishing. Phishing is a fraudulent act in cyberspace that makes use of malicious programs.

In phishing, a malicious program will disguise as a legitimate platform. It could take the image of a reputable organization or person. You might see it as a form of email or link that when clicked releases a malicious program to your device.

This form of cyber attack is quite popular among cyber criminals. This is because it is easier to have the victim click a malicious link than try hard to break in a secured system.

The cloud is dependent on the Internet. Thus, it is open and vulnerable to phishing. That is why this attack is also one of the notable cloud computing security issues.

Malicious links could be saved within the cloud whenever malicious emails are sent. Emails use cloud platform, which makes it vulnerable to such risks of cloud computing.

Attacks are still less common with the cloud platform than the on-premise environment. In fact, on-premise environment users suffer an average of 61.4 attacks. While, service provider users only experience an average of 27.8 attacks.

The reason for lesser attacks on cloud users is more than just the physical separation. It also owes much from the high level of expertise and technology that cloud programs have.

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